Can’t Deny Your Feelings Forever

Today is a new day and today you can begin your healing .  We all react in some way to pain and sorrow in our life.  We sure don’t like pain and sorrow when it is around, and we sure can’t ignore the difficulties of our earthy trials …even when they seem overwhelming and unbearable.

When sorrow comes to our door we ask God to take it away don’t we?  Lord, give us relief as we face the inevitable that has turned into deep pain in our heart and life.  We just want it to stop and have our life back the way it was.  If only we could really see God’s perspective and see the plan He has for our life.

We sometimes think that God doesn’t care or that He is not close any longer and if we are truthful we really can’t see past our present difficulty.  Pain is real, sorrow is real, loss is real and they hurt.  Grief is all around us every day.  Everyone goes through it at some point and some many times over, and don’t we think their pain can’t be as bad as our pain is?  Maybe we know they are hurting deeply even, but until the hurt is in our heart we really don’t feel the pain as much.

No matter how much pain we are in or our loved one is in…life goes on!!!  Lord, take away this pain and help me get back to living please!  “How can our child suffer…where are you God? Why are you not healing them?  Where were you?”   This pain is more than I can bear Lord. Don’t we blame the Lord when our love one is hurting?  Somehow we think we are immune to the pain and if God really loved us He would make it stop. 

When the chips are down and life kicks us down to the ground, when sickness comes, when we lose loved ones, when life is so hard we can’t even seem to breath let feel we can’t go on even one more minute what do we do?  Turn to God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He has not left you.  Ask Him to help make you strong and get your through the pain…don’t walk away from Him…and don’t blame Him.  However, many times over when people are in the pain of sorrow and loss we do blame God and God is big enough that He understands what we are going through.  He sees our pain and He feels our pain. 

We live in a fallen world.  A world where the devil kicks us down and jumps on…unless we fight him in the spiritual realm.  Everyday we must put our armor on and fight in the spirit for the devil will do all he can to get through our armor and destroy our life, our health, our marriage, our loved ones and we must run to God and we must close the doors that we allowed to be open.

Know this: God is not sitting in heaven and say, “Oh, no…I didn’t see that coming.”  He knows everything.  But we also must know we live in a fallen world and the devil knows his time is about up.  He will come at us over and over trying to get to us.  The devil doesn’t want us in heaven, and he sure loves it when we fall and fail and curse God and blame Him for everything.

Do we give God each and every day?  Do we leave all our cares at His feet each day?  Do you realize God is big enough to gather the pieces and put them back together again. 

When God is in the situation…it flows.  Doors are opened and when He gives us something to do He makes a way so we can do it.  If we have to force a situation…or a situation just doesn’t feel right maybe God is tugging on our heart so that we will go the direction He is calling us to. 

There are no time limits with God.  He is never late to anything.  However…God doesn’t see situations as we do.  We only see this moment where God sees everything.  Would it not be easier on our soul if we just went about doing things God’s way?

Don’t get this wrong we live on earth and the devil is here.  He does all he can to bring each of us down so we miss heaven.  Every day we need to get right and stay right with God.  We need to learn more and more of God’s truth and live it.  We must stop giving the devil an opportunity to trick us.  We can stop those firey darts when we put on our armor each day, trust God to get us through, and live right.

We are alive and we all will face something in our life.  Many times over most likely.  We suffer loss…but even in loss we can gain with God.  We can suffer loss…yet still have godly joy in our heart, we can still deal with the loss of death of those we love…yet still make it through our life victoriously.

A blinding loss, a broken relationship, a disease or an accident, loss of a loved one, the loneliness that follows, the feelings of disillusionment, the loss of health, Finances, or any other loss…are not the end of your story.  Everything we do, everything we go through is just another part of our story.  Maybe our story has dips, valleys, maybe we fall into the deep for a time…but with God we can get to the other side.  God doesn’t want you lost…and God doesn’t want you to stay in the pains of life.  He gives us many ways out of things…but sometimes we are so busy blaming God when He didn’t do it.

It is like a smoker let’s say.  They smoke and smoke and destroy their life yet when they get sick they blame God.  He didn’t make you smoke.  He didn’t tell the daredevil to jump over cars, He didn’t tell you to go to dangerous places, do drugs, get drunk and drive.  The things we do in life have consequences but even in those consequences…God is still trying to get us to change, to trust Him, and get and stay right with Him. 

We will all suffer pain and loss in this world because we do live in a fallen world, because the devil will do whatever he can to disrupt our walk with God….but you, my friend….can be victorious.  You can make it across the death line victorious.  Stay tuned to God.  Trust God.  Love God.  The only way to heaven is through Jesus.  No Jesus….no heaven.  God said it and I believe it.  God is way smarter than I am.  So in closing here no matter what you are going through don’t run from Jesus…run to Him.  You will…I will…face stuff in our life we don’t want to face but when we come to our senses we will understand God loves us, has mercy on us, and wants us with Him.  It might not seem like it at the time…but He didn’t desert us.  Yes, He could save someone…that is a fact…but we will never see what God sees. 

I know the pain of loss, of sorrow, and it almost destroyed me.  I don’t want anyone to go through what I did…yet I know many will.  I will never know your pain and you will never know mine.  That is okay…but God knows it.  He showed me great mercy, great forgiveness, and great love and yes, even patience.  How could I not return to the greatest place of peace in my life.  Don’t walk away…run to God. He loves you!

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