Diminutive in Size

Diminutive in Size

I can’t speak for anyone but me…but many times in my life I have felt diminutive in size compared to this earth, and especially to the universe.  (Diminutive: extremely or unusually small)  Just think for a moment at the vastness of even the ocean.  Put yourself in a small boat (or even a huge boat) in the middle of the ocean and look at how really small you are compared to the ocean.  How vulnerable are you out there?  What would you do if  on your journey out there you encountered a cat 5 storm? 

The thing is here…when I think of just how diminutive in size I feel at any time…I see the greatness of God my Father.  He is great!  He is awesome! He is good! 

Now, take that hugeness of God…and the smallness of you in the universe and what do you do with you?  Think about your worship for instance.  You are not even a dot size piece of sand on a beach compared to the size of the universe…yet you have a Father in heaven that loves you.  Yes, you!  When you really look at the universe and you do you worship God the Father in a way that lets Him know He is loved and you appreciate all He does for you?  Everything God is and does should show us just how great He is.

How do you worship the God of creation?  Do you hurry through your prayers (if you even pray)?  Do you just go on and on with your give me list…or do you ever take the time to listen to God?  Do you eve r just sit in silence with God and wait for Him to place something on your heart or do you hurry and go about your day never taking into consideration that this is a two-way conversation?  Do you ever just sit in awe of our awesome God?

God created mankind to have a relationship with Him.  Do you have a personal relationship with Him?  Is He first in your life above everyone and everything?  God’s word is truth and He gave it to us to tell us about Him and about how to live and how to treat other people?  Do you read and listen to His word?  Oh, you might go to church once or twice a week even…but what about you actually picking up your Bible and seeing what God says to you…do you do that?

God wants all of us to repent of our sins so that He can restore us to fellowship with Him.  Do you repent of your sins?  When we repent…God provides redemption and restoration.  Have you been broken, hurt, in pain about the things you have done in your life (and yes you have done many things even if you don’t want to admit it).  When our hearts are lonely, broken, and empty…somehow we would rather blame God than repent for our life in the things we chose to do, or happened to us not even by our own choices.  Maybe we came to the end of our rope (as they say) and think we can’t go on any more…….but our great God has given us a way to go on.  He walks through the tough times with us.  He doesn’t always remove these times from our life…but He walks them with us.  Maybe we need to change something in our life, maybe He allows things to get us to depend on Him.  I don’t know why some hurt so deeply while others don’t have to go through horrible things on this planet we call earth/home.  Why does one suffer so greatly while someone else doesn’t seem to?  The thing is God knows our heart, He knows everything about us, He knows our thoughts and nothing surprises Him.  God can and wants to take us and restore us with Him.  He doesn’t walk away from us…we are always the ones who walk away from Him.

How many times in our life have we done, said, or acted in a foolish way?  Again, I can’t speak for anyone but me…but I sure know that I messed things up so many times I can’t even count them.  God still didn’t leave me.  He opened doors I could go through and many times I didn’t go through them.  I got myself in a pickle and it took a lot more time to get right with God.  There were so many time I even hated me and my life and there was God…tugging on my heart to return to Him.  If God would have taken me (died) right then I dread where I might have ended up…but there was God….my awesome God walking through my darkest hours and leading me to where He wanted me to be.  Thank you Lord.

There comes a time when we actually wake up (or should that is) when we open our heart to God and allow God into every cranny of our life.  Oh, we live in an evil world and that to came from the first two people who chose to doubt God and believe the devil.  The world is way worse now isn’t it.  Billions are sinning and some have no clue what is going to happen to them.  Then we have all the discouragers out there.  They don’t want us happy.  They don’t want us to follow God.  There are all those out there that talk trash about us, distort the truth, and out and out lie about us.  They tear us, as Christians, down just for the pleasure of it.  Truly they are deceived and don’t know God…but what if we tell them?  What if we tell them about Jesus and sow that seed, or water that in their heart.  Maybe they won’t accept God right now…but maybe down the line they remember what we sowed or watered in their heart.  Maybe one day before they die they actually do ask Jesus into their heart and life and get right with God.  No matter how many we tell, no matter how much we love and pray for people…we don’t and can’t save them.  We tell them, but God tugs on their heart and He is the one who saves.  We are just instruments along the way. 

We can’t just stand silent and do nothing.  We are to stand for right at any cost to us.  You see, even if we die doing right…God is there and sees what we do.  He also sees what we choose not to do that we know we should do.

Lately all we hear on the news is people trying to destroy a certain person.  These evil people will do whatever they can to tear down and destroy this person.  They accuse him of evil and hateful things knowing he did not do the things they say.  They do it because they want power and they want to destroy America.  The devil holds them tight and they don’t want or care about truth…they care about destroying anyone to get what they want.  What they don’t understand is God is watching them.  They might think that it is okay to do their evil and nothing will happen…and they don’t believe in God…so they don’t think there are consequences for their actions.  Well, there are and at some point while on earth…or upon their death God will bring judgment….unless they repent of their sins and get right with God.  This man they are trying to destroy (and many others as well) well, it is a tragedy how he and others have been treated.  I saw this grown good man accused of lies and hateful attacks and my soul hurt for him and his family.  This should never have taken place…but again we live in an evil world run by the devil and his co-horts and they don’t want good in this world and will do whatever to take down good and honest people.  No, the man is not perfect….but no one is…but he is a good man and even if he wasn’t…he did not deserve how he was and is treated.

I am getting to this point.  We all hurt from time to time.  People are pretty cruel and hateful out there but we can, even in the midst of our storms hang onto Jesus no matter what comes our way.  If we do hang onto the Lord and allow Him access to our entire self…God can work things out.  He can help us through the heartaches, the disappointments, and the losses we bear in our life.  Even though we make our life so busy with things and stuff…God is still near and He/God listens when we cry out to Him.  He bends an ear to hear us…and even when you don’t see what is going on in the heavenlies…God is at work in the life of His kids.   

I want to encourage all of you…hang in there no matter how your life seems to have fallen apart at this time.  Turn to God…don’t run from Him.  Do what is right no matter who else doesn’t.  Be kind…and don’t hurt others by choice any more.  Oh, sometimes we hurt people and don’t even know it…but don’t do it on purpose.  Let God lead you through anything and everything.  The world is not going to get better…we are in end times.  No, we do not know the day or hour of Jesus’ return…but God has told us how the world would look in end times.  Be ready, get prepared to meet Jesus and tell others of the love of Jesus for them.  Maybe you have told them a thousand times…do it again and don’t stop telling them.  Let us all be about our Father’s business.  Well, get started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I use a word  I think I made up…I love you mosteristically!  That is how we should all feel about Jesus!  He died for you and I …how can we not love Him? 

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