Fruit Salad Ministries

What is the best news you have ever heard?  For me, it was the fact that Jesus loves me and wants me to spend eternity in His kingdom.  


Why name this ministry Fruit Salad Ministry?  Because we are all a part of something bigger for the kingdom. Each of us has something to offer that can be used by God and help someone else.    Doesn’t matter where we came from, what the color of our skin is, or how much of a sinner we were becoming to the Lord.  When we meet Jesus and become a child of God we are all brothers and sisters in the Lord.  That is great news.  We might have some differences…but our soul becomes one in the Lord.  We can have unity, preach/teach the truth, and do right to and for others even when the world is in chaos.  The world will get worse and worse the Bible tells us until the return of our precious Lord, but we do not have to live like the world does.  We can make a stand and choose right no matter what is going on in our life.  One life at a time we can make a difference.  

Never give up!  Don’t let the devil have a place in your life.  Stay focused on Jesus…and trust Him to get you over the finish line.  

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