Parent Abuse

Parent Abuse

Abuse is not always a parent against a child.  There are numerous children/teens and grownups that abuse their parents.  Abuse is abuse and it must stop.

Parents are usually loving, forgiving, nurturing and may not realize that, over the years, they have let a severe problem develop. They didn’t deal properly with their children’s behavior and now the children/teens are out of control and abuse the parents.  Many parents are greatly fearful of their own children.  By allowing a teenager to become a bully, the parent has given the teen power that may be hard to take back.

Please…don’t allow your kids to run your life.  You and others will be the ones that suffer in the long run.  God says to control  your children.  It is your job, not the churches job, not the schools job…IT IS YOUR JOB.  People don’t like rude nasty and hateful kids.  They might love them dearly but it is really hard to be around hateful kids who treat their parents and others badly.  Your kids are kids and  you are the adult.  You have the responsibility to raise and be in charge of your children.  Stop making excuses for rude children and for their behavior.  MAKE THEM MIND.  That is your job as a parent.

 Kids that are out of control need counseling so do not put it off. People like kids that are honest, nice, and treat their parents and others with respect.

God set up rules for parents and children.  If we followed those rules on how to treat one another and in the order that God required it then we would not be in the mess we are now in. 

I know many people out there think that they should not spank their children and should just sit their children down and talk to them.  I know that there are some who won’t even enforce what they tell their children, and I know that some parents don’t have any consequences for the things their children do wrong.  Now although there very well might be a few children that you “can talk to” and they listen that is not the majority of the children. 

I look at the difference from when I was a child and how disrespectful children are now to what they were then.  I always called my elders Mr or Mrs, and you would get up let’s say on a bus for an older person, a person with kids etc.  I could write a book on the disrespect of many now days. 

Everyone is so scared of getting into trouble if they swat a child that they are turning out kids no one wants to be around.  You don’t have to abuse a child but you can make a child mind.  There just is no consequences for bad behavior any more.  Oh, take their phone away for a day, or turn off a TV program they like, and on and on.  No…punish they child appropriately.  I have seen parents yell and threaten their kids and the kids know that they will never be punished.

I’m sorry folks I see so many kids that are so out of control and parents have no control over them at all.  The kids dictate what they parents will do.  I’m sure some of you won’t agree with this lesson here but look around!  Do you see many well behaved kids?  I am not saying there are not great parents out there and I am not saying there are not great kids because there are…but there are a lot of rotten kids and a lot of rotten parents. 

I was in  a line one day at a school and there were some teens in front of me cursing like I don’t know what…and there were teachers and the principal right there and no one says anything to them.  Kids need consequences for their actions. 

Kids need a parent…not a friend!  Parents need to be parents and shape their children’s lives in a godly way.  Maybe there wouldn’t be so much parent abuse if parents took back the role of being a parent and having consequences when their children misbehave. 

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