Psalm 91: My opinion

Psalm 91: My opinion

 This Psalm has helped me in my walk with God many times over.  May it also help you. 

Verse 1. He that dwells in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty!

The blessings here are promised but not for all believers. I say that because it says for those that dwelleth…!   Many can believe in God but not dwell in the secret place of the most High. First it does not mean that you are not saved but this promise is for those that dwell in the secret place of the most High.  One must be in close fellowship with the Father.  We, as Christians, want to live close to God and most try to live close to God yet many are not walking in that close relationship to Him.  We allow the cares of the world and the flesh to keep us distracted from what really matters.

Some people do walk towards that secret place (the mercy seat relationship with God) yet they do not dwell there.  Sometimes they run to it when they have problems and sometimes they get close to it…but the cares of life they sometimes walk away and go their way and they don’t dwell there.  The dwelling place was meant for us so that we can be in a constant state of being with our Father and in His presence.  It was not meant for us to just go there on occasion.  Oh…God is there for us when we come to Him but how much better can our relationship be if we daily spent time in His presence?  How much better can our relationship be if we daily dwelt in that secret place? Don’t you want to abide in His presence?  Grab a hold of Him and never let anything distract you from His presence?  I am not saying don’t live your life…but make God your number one priority.  When we don’t “dwell” in His presence what happens is that we miss out on the great benefits of dwelling with God.

It is in this secret dwelling place that those who know God/Jesus/Holy Spirit that we think more of living for God above all else.  Yes, we live in a fallen world and stuff happens but it is so much easier to make it through the “stuff” when we dwell in His presence. I don’t know about you but the “mercy seat” sounds so Holy and to be there might even seem scary.  The very presence of God!  Yet…we go to Him many times over and most don’t even consider the holiness of that or even considered the “mercy seat”.  Can you picture that mercy seat?  Just look back to the Bible and just how Holy that mercy seat really is.  Not everyone went into where the mercy seat was.  The Sheckinah glory!  How Holy! But for us that veil was rent/torn from top to bottom giving us the right to go into God’s presence and we have total access to our Lord.  Yes, each of us can go to Him and find peace in our soul in His presence.  I find that amazing that the God of all creation wants us to come to Him and to be in His presence.  That no matter what is going on in our life He will listen to us.  We don’t need to go to someone else to talk to God…we can talk to our Lord directly.

The people who came prior to the sanctuary of God did not go into the sanctuary where the mercy seat sat.  Only a few got that privilege of ever seeing the mercy seat of God on earth.  Most were outer court worshipers.  Most people today seem to be outer court worshipers as well.  Not because they have to be but because they do not go into the inner court that God has given to them.  That real place of meeting with Him personally.  They never seem to get quite close enough to God.  Oh, many love God that is true…but many only allow God so far into their life.  We can have so much more people.  We can dwell in the presence of our Lord and reap the benefits of it.  We must stop being an outer court worshiper and become a dweller in the very presence of our Lord. We must become the child of God that He offers to us and not just a guest on occasion.  I can’t speak for anyone but me but I sure want to dwell in the secret place of the most High God and remain in His care as His child.  We need to press forward and go through that veil right into the presence of God. Be bold people!   He made a way for you so how about taking Him up on His great gift to you. I know it sure sounds good to me to be in His protection especially when I go through the trials of life.  When we actually dwell in His presence God shields us from so much.  Oh, it doesn’t mean that you won’t face problems because you will but when we dwell with Him no matter what the issues are God will be with us and walk with us through it.  Sometimes we feel like God is not here with us…but He never leaves us or forsakes us and even when we don’t realize that good can come from even the worst situations in life God won’t desert us…and something good can come out of the worst of the worst.  When we are in His shadow how great is that?  Really people think about that!   My Lord and my God shields me from so many things in my life and I most likely could not even count how many times He saved me from something horrible  which could have come my way.  God is my shield and refuge and I desire to cling to Him no matter what is going on around me in this world.

Verse 2. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress.  

Wow….read that again.  Make it personal people.  He is my refuge and my fortress.  By faith I believe it. He consoles my very soul even in the most difficult of times in my life.  When things are hard, when times seem so overwhelming if I always dwell in His presence I have the hope and promise that God is with me.  He is the comfort my soul daily cries out for.  No matter what is going on around me or in my life.  No matter how difficult the situations become.  No matter who leaves me or forsakes me in my life…God is always with me and sooths my very soul.  One moment in His presence dwelling there is better than a million years without Him there.

In today’s society look around.  We live in a fallen world where there is so much hatred and pain.  If only they knew our Lord.  If only!  So many seek the world and its ways and think they are on the right road and so many are lost for all eternity.  What we tell them about Jesus they truly don’t understand.  Their eyes are blinded by the ways of this world. We must be about our Father’s business and sow seeds for the kingdom or water the seed…but we don’t save anyone.  God will draw them and give them that opportunity but we can’t make anyone love Jesus.  We can show them the truth and show them the way but each person is responsible for their own eternity.  You can’t get to heaven if Jesus is not your Lord no matter who tells you otherwise.  God said it…I believe it!  Truth is truth no matter what anyone says. 

The world is full of people who say this or that…but God sees their heart.  You can fool the world but you can’t fool God.  You can lie to the world but your lies won’t cut it with the Lord.  God sees all.  He didn’t make us to be robots He gave us free choice.  We can choose to live for Him or walk away from Him.  I can’t make anyone rely on my Lord but I can proclaim I rely on my Lord because I don’t want to be one day without Him. It is the duty of us as believers to share Jesus with someone.  We might not know everything but we all can share what He has done in our life.  We don’t have to be theologians to share Jesus. Kist tell someone what Jesus has done in your life.

What can make you secure in this world as to where you will spend all eternity?  Jesus!  Only Jesus! 

No gate or wall no matter how wide and tall can keep us safe, but when we trust the Lord with all our heart…even in times we would surely never choose to go through…we can know God is right there in the midst of the situation with us.  Oh, we might go through it but God can still give us His peace to endure it.

We all who are Christians know in our heart that we are not promised on this earth a rose garden (remember even roses have thorns).  Sometimes we must go through life in ways we don’t want to but the end it will be worth it.  Our daily cry should be: “my God” I trust you help get me through this.  In you Lord I will trust.

He who dwells in an unconquerable, unbeatable, undefeated fortress, should trust in it.  How can you not trust when you have a wall of protection around you….yet in man no matter how high the wall someone will figure how to get over it, under it, or through it.  But…..but….in God we can trust because no one can conquer God.  No one can defeat Him.  We can truth Him no matter what.  We might fall as the world calls it…but when Jesus is our Lord we will make it over that finish line victorious. 

Why do so many of “the world” believe God is something bad?  Why do they treat Him so badly and all those that love Him?  Because they can’t understand.  They have blinders on their eyes like scales.  It is easier to believe the world to them than ever believe the truth.  God doesn’t fail us people…but since they don’t really have God in their life they don’t understand what we feel or why we feel as we do. They believe we, as Christians, are weak when we are strong.  They will never come to Jesus if they don’t hear the message from someone.  Faith comes by hearing the word of God. 

Even Christians who are not truly grounded in the Lord can think God has somehow failed them when they don’t get what they want…but…sometimes God says yes, sometimes He says no…and sometimes He tells us not yet or that something is not good for us.  We, as parents, must tell our kids the same thing…sometimes yes, sometimes no…and sometimes we must tell them to wait until the right time or that something is not good for them.  It doesn’t mean we don’t love our children.  We love them so we make decisions for them to keep them safe.  So why when God does this to His children do we take offense?  Why when He does this do we walk away? To trust in man is normal to fallen nature and to trust in God to those living as the world lives is foolishness.  To the Christian each day we should trust the Lord even more.  For He holds our soul in His hand, and He loved and loves us.  He desires us to cross that finish line one day.  We all have a final curtain call people but where will we find our-self  one second after death?  Never waiver when it comes to God.  God is the only 100 percent trust worthy in our life.

should be as natural to regenerated nature. Where there is every reason and warrant for faith, we ought to place our confidence without hesitancy or wavering. Dear reader, pray for grace to say, “In him will I trust.”

Verse 3.

 Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler and from the perilous pestilence.

Think about this:  Many people and the devil want to entrap us.  They don’t want us to be victorious in the Lord.  Even the closest of friends and sometimes family don’t want us victorious and find that because we love and follow God we are weird and have something wrong with us.  After all we should be living as they do…not!  We need to begin to trust God that His defense of our situation will carry us over the finish line no matter how much suffering this side of heaven we might have to endure.  Listen carefully here: Satan will do whatever he can to steal, kill, and destroy our life and soul so we don’t make it to heaven.  Satan will go after us anyway he can and use anyone he can to take us away from the Lord.  Oh, he doesn’t care if you go to church as long as you get your ears tickled and the truth you don’t accept. He doesn’t care that you struggle with temptations and fall at times…but he cares that you repent of your sins and you get right with God.  The devil desires your soul to go to hell.  God desires to spend eternity with you in heaven.  Your free will gives you the right to choose your destination after death…but you sure need to find out the truth because what if you are wrong? One second after death is one second too late.  Don’t be lured by the devil and I am telling you people…he knows how to bait you! 

If we have lived anytime at all God has been there working in our life.  He knew us before we were even in our mother’s womb.  How many times has God protected us from something harmful in our life?  How many times has He protected us and stopped something bad from happening?   How many times have the angels guarded us from danger? 

The Bible talks about deadly pestilence but does it mean just diseases etc?  No, it can also mean the pestilence of sins in our life which can bring death to us.  Sin must be punished but God has given us a way to get right with Him and that is through what His son did for us on the cross and repentance to set us free and forgive us of our sins.  Sin infects our soul people.  It is a cancer of the soul.  Without God and forgiveness through repentance those sins will remain and we will be judged on them.  Don’t be infected by sin…but go to Doctor Jesus and be healed from the judgment of sin.

Some people seem to think if God is in their life somehow nothing bad comes their way ever.  That no one will get sick and no one will die.  Everyone has an end to their life and many will go through sickness, trials, tests, and temptations.  We all have a set time for our life to end but we can end it with God…and begin it with God on the other side…called heaven.  Stay the course!

Do we have faith?  Do we believe? Do we try to live in relationship with God?  Or….do we think that the moment we were saved nothing is left to do and we can go on our way living like we were before we were saved?  How foolish to think that.  Freedom costs…it cost Jesus His life to give it to us.  Nothing has changed people.  He died for us and we are to live for Him. We must have a relationship with Him.  We must.  We must do His will and walk in His ways.  We must trust Him.  If not are you really a Christian?  That doesn’t mean you will never doubt…even the apostles doubted at times but they didn’t have the Bible to see all the truths out there.  Yes, they walked with Jesus and we find that amazing…but if they doubted don’t you think we, at times, will doubt things as well.  Only thing is we have the right to go straight to the Lord and tell Him just how we feel and why.  God knows our heart anyway but He wants that relationship with us where we go directly to Him and tell Him how we feel and why.  That is not a sin! When we give our doubts to God He knows how to deal with them. We can tell the Lord anything….listen…nothing surprises the Lord.

Not everyone who is even Christian has the same amount of faith.  Some are babies in Christ and some grown in the Lord…but…even those who have been a Christian a long time have differing degrees of faith.  We all have a measure of faith though and even a mustard seed of faith can get us through tough times.

 Many fear death because they have not had that personal relationship with God.  Many fear because they can’t see the unknown…but how much harder it is to face death without Jesus and knowing the truth of where we will end up.  No one wants to depart their family and leave them.  We love them and don’t want to be apart from them yet one day we will all face that moment.  I can’t even imagine how scared I would be at that moment if I had not known my Lord.  What fear would fill my very soul.  What if I was someone who had multiple times to accept Jesus and turned Him down…now death…what would I have to look forward to?  Well…it sure would not be heaven and I don’t want to even begin to imagine the pain of hell.  People we must sow seeds for the kingdom and water those seeds…God then will take care of the details.  How said if we could have told someone about Jesus and they died without Him.  How many opportunities have we missed. (I am including myself in this ya know) We can die knowing our eternal home is with the Lord.  Don’t be fooled by the devil into thinking that hell is a big party.  It is called hell for a reason. 

Verse 4.

He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you shall take refuge. His truth shall be your shield and buckler. 

 Wow…feathers, wings…what?   We don’t always see the gist of something because we try to make it what it isn’t or we make fun of something we don’t understand.  Would this be blasphemy to the religious leaders?  But because we know that the entire Bible is God inspired we just need to believe whatever it is God gives us privy to know. 

Does  the Lord liken himself to a bird?  We are not in the mind of the Lord God that is for sure and He can use whatever verbiage  He so choses to use.  Does it mean God is a bird?  NO!   Maybe it is like so much more in the Bible where God uses something to explain something….maybe He is saying that like a bird protects her young by covering them their wings/feathers…that God uses this example because we can understand it. However, God does so much more…He protects His kids and their souls.  He gives us protection under Him.  He covers us from what birds might call the hawks that go to attack them.  The thing is God is protecting us from the devil and his cohorts.  Now understand you must get under His wings.  You must dwell in His presence or you are not fully under His protective wings.  In our times of trouble we usually go to Him for His help…but why not go to Him when the times are great?  Why not put on double faith, double up on prayers, double up on doing all that you can to further then kingdom of God even when you don’t feel up to it?  Why not put your armor on and live in it?  Each part of the armor protects something different.  Truth is on the Christian’s side.  Take it…use it…live it…eat it…breath it.  And use it to further the kingdom of God. 

Verse 5.

You shall not be afraid of the terror by night, nor of the arrow that flies by day.

Do you realize that terror y night  is a lot of times our imagination turned up.  The darkness just seems to freak us out doesn’t it.  Sometimes when we dream at night we even wake up terrified.  I know I have many times in my life.  It is not a good feeling that is for sure.  I heard recently on this that protection is not exemption.  Think on that!  With protection God comes with us into whatever we are facing real or not…but exemption is that we don’t have to face it.  Sometimes people we do have to face our fears and find out why we are having them and then how to deal with them.  We surely want protection in the midst of the whatever fear we are facing weather we are sleeping or awake. 

Now…we have a lot of things bombard our minds and although we wish they were all good that is not always the case.  However…whatever is bombarding our minds we need to interpret that data carefully and find the truth in it.  We need to be training our minds to deal with the thoughts that fill our minds so that we can not only interpret the truth…but then do something that makes it better.

All of us think constantly…good or bad thoughts that is for sure.  Know this that you are not your thoughts.  Thoughts will come to all people and no matter how close you are to God…your mind will still have thoughts you don’t want.  Having a thought is not a sin by the way.  However…some thoughts you take action on in a bad way can be. 

Listen: You are not your bad thoughts!  The devil wants you to feel bad about the thoughts you have and he loves you to be in fear and worry.  Bad thoughts, however, are common to all of us.  Sometimes when we are going through something and we begin to have even more “bad thoughts”…we can plunge our self into a sinkhole in the mind. Listen: even Jesus in the garden right before His arrest must have had painful thoughts about what was to take place.  Oh, He knew He would go through the beatings and the cross and it says that He was in agony.  Not that He would not do it for each and every one of us…but He knew there would be pain and suffering.  He could have at any time called down God to take Him and never go through what He did…but He did it for us. 

What we put into our minds can directly (not always) show up in our minds and fears in the middle of the night.  If you watch a lot of the garbage out there say on TV, in a movie…etc….then you just might have these scrambled up terror dreams in your sleep.  We must protect the borders of our mind.  Pay attention to what you allow into your mind.  If you are a sensitive person for sure you just might want to change what you think about before going to bed.  Fill your mind with good things.  Defend your mind!  Put walls up around your mind before you drift off to sleep.  What do we do to feed the fear of our mind?  Take evasive action people in what you allow to fill your brain. 

Also when you read the Bible…look at what it really says.  Do what it says.  Also note this there are promises in the Bible for which you just accept them….and there are promises in the Bible for which you must look at the “if”.  Many of God’s promises God placed an “if” in them.  If you do this…then God will do the promise.  If is a big thing in the Bible.  

Oh how most people can fear the night in this world, and the way the world is they also fear the world by day.  We live in a messy world and to get up each and every day not knowing what is coming our way we will face, to some extent, the garbage that is going on in it. Day by day we see the world in a worse place and more and more evil out there.  This can even take a toll on Christians for we must also live in this world until called home. 

Why is night time so scary?  It is dark and evil seems to lurk all over the place.  For one thing you can’t see as well so you don’t always see the enemy coming.  Even when asleep we can have horrible dreams that feel real and cause us to fear. 

Night is when the evil monsters seem to jump out.  It is a time that seems just about every form of horror out there in our world come  out to cause someone pain…drugs, alcohol, robbery, home invasions, all sorts of evil crimes, murders, rapes, and just plain weird things from the evil one seem to jump out at someone and we sure don’t want it to be us.  Even in our home when we turn the lights out to go to bed at night how many, at times, hear strange sounds? Our hearts go into fear mode because of the unknown. What is in our closet?  In the hall?  In the next room?  We see shadows that are not there and it can be scary…but know this that no matter what God is there with you.  He knows what is going on.  He doesn’t want His kids to fear. In fact, when we walk with God in our life and truly have that close communion with our Lord we can call upon the Lord and know He hears us. I am sure you will find some out there that will tell you that you will never have problems once you come to the Lord, however, the Lord said in this world you will have tribulations.  He said that the world hated Him and would hate us as well. People who don’t have the Lord in their life do not understand Christians nor do they know God so we can’t expect them to live right nor care about us. 

Fear is a horrible thing.  It puts us into flight mode instead of prayer mode.  When God is our “Daddy” we can run to Him and know that no matter what is going on He will cover us in our heart.  The enemy is real and he is out to destroy you.  Keep that in your mind at all times.  We wants you to let your guard down and fall for his traps. 

In times of countless danger those who have made the Lord their God and refuge, can be assured that no matter what happens…their life is important to God and that He will walk the storms with us.  The devil and his cohorts are cowards and very crafty to be sure.  They know our weaknesses, they know our fears, they know what we love and what we hate…so what might come after me won’t come after you and what comes after you won’t come after me.  The devil is a liar, a thief and a murderer.  There is not one good thing in him.  We do not want to be his victim so we fight by staying in communion with our heavenly Father, and we pray, and believe.  We need to learn to dwell in the presence of our Lord at all times for if we don’t we open the door to the enemy and he will take every chance he can to get through the door.

Verse 6. Nor for the pestilence that walks in darkness, Nor of the destruction that lays waste at noonday.

We don’t always see the evils lurking in the shadows.  The devil is crafty to say the least.  He has had your entire life to know what makes you tick. 

Nothing is more frightening than the murderer’s (evil people and the devil)  scheme for he doesn’t tell us when he is about to pounce out at us.  The devil is a pestilence, a disease, a plague…that runs through the earth seeing who and what he can destroy.  While we are living upon this earth in these earthly  bodies we will deal many times over with the enemy of our soul.   However, we belong to God and God is greater and God lives in us…His children.  So even when the enemy tries to take us down we can always stand firm on the Lord and His promises. 

The world is full of things going on all the time.  There are wars, rumors of wars, people starving, floods, earthquakes, tornado’s, hurricanes, violence everywhere any more…and even when it seems there is no way out and nothing we can do….pray!  Prayer works miracles.  No matter what goes on each day in the life of the world’s population if/when we have the Lord as our Savior we can get through the roughest of the storms. We live in a world where there seems to really be no peace anywhere on the planet.  Run to the arms of Jesus for He holds the answers, He holds our soul and stay firmly planted under the wings of the Lord.

God is stronger than any and all evil in this world.  He is greater than anyone or anything and He created the earth and the heavens.  He knows what is going on in this fallen world.  God is not late to anything people.  His timing and His ways we might not understand but God is perfect and He sees the entire picture that we can’t possibly see (nor do we truly want or need to).  Let us dwell in His light so we can overcome the darkness.

Verse 7.

A thousand shall fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it shall not come near you.

Ever notice how dark that dark can truly be?  Ever go outside on a night when there is no light from the moon?  Of course you have.  Don’t we all want a night with the bright moon shining so we can see where we are going?  If you were walking down a dark road you would want to see what is out there instead of not seeing and someone jump out at you.   Now think of when the apostles were in the boat and the storm came up and they were scared…then they see someone walking out to them on the water and they cried out in fear.  Jesus knew about their storm and He calmed it…but first He showed them that it was He.  God wants you to know He is in any situation with you to calm your heart even in the toughest of times.

People do get sick…even Christians get sick.  Read that again. We live in a fallen world and stuff happens….however, when we know our Lord He will walk through our pain and suffering with us.  I, however, know that it is my soul now that can be without disease.  It is my soul that God wants to mend, fix, heal, and make right with Him.  If no one was ever going to get sick, have tribulations, sufferings, or pain then none of the apostles would have either.  Our body might get sick yet sometimes it is our own fault they do when we treat our body so badly.  If you smoke, drink, eat junk and no good food and you get diseased don’t blame God.  Well, don’t blame Him anyway for He doesn’t want you to suffer…but He will sometimes allow things to come into our life so we come to Him and get right with Him.  Sometimes it takes the difficult times, the hurtful times, the sick times when we really reach out and ask Him into our life and to help us.  In this fallen world there is more pain and suffering than we can even imagine.  We don’t even scratch the surface of what is truly going on out there in this world.  Well…………….God sees it all.  Now if you ask why doesn’t God just fix it…He is waiting until the very last person and He knows that person by name…to come to Him and then He will come for His bride/the church.  Maybe you don’t believe that today, and maybe you have not yet asked Jesus into your life but you need to truly consider it for one second after death is one second to late and no one can pray you into heaven it has to be your choice.  Oh we pray for people, and we sow and water…but we can’t save you, the church can’t save you.  Salvation comes through a relationship with the Lord Jesus and if we could accept Him into your life for you we surely would.  However, it must be you choice and you must repent.  Believing in Jesus is easy (even the devil knows who He is)…but the devil has no chance of heaven…but you do!  People can fall all around us and their souls lost for all eternity but you don’t need to be one of them.  God desires you spend eternity with Him and He knows every sin you have committed.  He still loves you.  He still wants you to love Him for He loved you enough to allow His son to come and die in  your place.  Choose wisely.

Verse 8.

Only with your eyes shall you look and see, the reward of the wicked.

Sometimes it is difficult to understand the ways of the Lord or why He does or does not do something.  We somehow think we are smarter than God and we somehow think we are someone’s  judge, jury, and jailor.  Well…we are not!  God is God and we are not! God is the God of justice and mercy beyond anything we can ever imagine.  He has saved the soul of people we somehow believe should be in hell for the evil they have done.  We always think someone else’s sin is way worse than our sin and we somehow put sins into categories of what is bad and what is real bad.  People sin is sin and God looks at our heart and what He can do to fix us and change us. Who are we anyway to tell God He can’t possibly save someone we don’t think is worthy of salvation?  We are not God and I sure don’t want that job even if it were available.  I just want to be in my Father’s arms and be His child.  He always knows what is best for His kids.  Sometimes He gives us what we want and sometimes He says no, sometimes wait, and sometimes what we think we want in life is not in His plans and He will never allow it to happen.  Don’t we, when we love our kids, want the best for them?  Don’t we try to show them the right way and the safe way?  Of course when we love our children we want them safe.  We protect them no matter what.  Kids need God more than they need the stuff of this world! We need to search the scriptures to see what is important to God, what He wants us to do and not do in life and then do it! Don’t shut your eyes to the truth of the word of God Almighty!

Verses 9-10.

Because you have made the Lord, who is my refuge, Even the most High, your dwelling place, No evil shall befall you, Nor shall any plague come near your dwelling: 

God Almighty…wants to sooth your soul! Even, and especially, in the midst of what is going on around us we can always run to the refuge of God!  Even when your body is sick/diseased, and life seems so hard for you…God can still give you a peace.  When our burden seems more than we can bear and we feel like we are going down for the last time…look up!  Our life is not just here in the now for these few years we are given upon this earth.  Our life is eternal but where we spend it is what is important and how we live our life here on earth is important. We can be refreshed no matter how sick one might be or what they face in this world.  This world is temporary.  Even in times of great plagues upon this earth or ones that might come upon this earth we can crawl right under the Lord’s wings and give Him the situation.  Yes, I believe God can keep you and I safe from the harm of the enemy if we dwell diligently with Him.

The psalmist who wrote these verses announces the man who dwells in God that he will be secure in Him.  Secure in the Lord is an awesome thing and the best place to be.   He who makes God his refuge shall find him to be a refuge; he who dwells in God shall find his dwelling protected. We must make the Lord our residence by choosing him for our trust and rest, and then we shall receive freedom from harm.  Maybe not always in the way we think…but our soul will always be protected.  Do you know that rich or poor you are God’s child if He is your Lord and no matter how rich or poor one is…they are equal to God.

Think on this for a moment…the most overwhelming  catastrophes might shorten ones life journey on this earth…and it might hasten you right to your reward in heaven. It is good to be here with those we love upon this earth.  It is good to love and share Jesus with others….but to die is gain because, if we are God’s child, we get to go to Him and that is a good thing.  However, while we are given this life upon this earth let us each do the plan God has given us to do until which time He has called for us to be our time to go Home to be with Him.

 Verse 11.

For he shall give his angels charge over you, To keep you in all your ways.

I don’t know about you but I sure am glad about this verse being in the Bible.  It doesn’t say He is just giving us one angel…but I’m sure these massive angels one would be enough.  Maybe “angels” means that different ones help us with different things or at different times in our life.  I might not have seen these angels but I am sure that over and over again in my life they have protected my way.

 We have all heard about a guardian angel but this verse says that he shall give His angels charge over us.  Are you blown away yet?  Not one guardian angel, as some affectionately dream about, but think on this…all the angels are here indicated to help us in some way in our lifetime.

Take a moment here and picture the angels in heaven.  How do we picture them?  What are they and why does God have them anyway?  How big and strong are these angels?  Well…these angels have been in the very presence of our God and God sends them to help us along our life journey.  We can’t see into the spirit world…although…some were given this privilege…but I don’t need to see them while upon this earth to know they are there.  Can you imagine if you could see them right there with you?  Would be you be totally amazed?  I don’t have to see the spirit world to know it exists.  I don’t have to see it to know that behind the scenes of my life and your life God is at work.  God is the one who sends them out upon this earth to do His will and they will never go against Him.  They are here to help the faithful along their journey in life.  To keep us in all our ways. I guess that would be like having a heavenly body guard!  Amen to that!  We don’t know exactly how the angels are keeping us…but if we are alive they surely have a part in keeping us.  What do these angels do in our life?  Maybe they stand between the devil and us many times over.  Maybe they keep us going one direction so something bad doesn’t happen to us.  Maybe they give us a feeling of impending danger so we are careful where we go.  Whatever they do for the believer…I thank God for them.

Verse 12.

In their hands they shall bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone. 

Oh how I wish I could see the Holy Spirit and the angels that are here for me.  But…I will be content to just know God’s words  says they are here and I will rest on that.  Won’t it be great to one day actually see them?  Angels are here to serve the believers…not to boss them around which you can’t anyway.  They do God’s bidding…but they are here to help us. I believe one day we will somehow see what they did on God’s behalf in our life.  Maybe we got in a car accident or something else…but what if that accident could have been much worse.  We just can’t know the distance God truly goes for His kids.  Subsequently the utmost ills, troubles, problems, temptations, and misfortunes… may rise out of even little accidents.  Shouldn’t this show us that God is always at work even in the minutest things that go on in our life?

Verse 13. You shall tread upon the lion and the cobra, The young lion and the serpent you shall trample underfoot.

No matter what the forces that try to overcome us as children of the living God…and they will come…we can rest in the Lord and know that He is working behind the scenes. The enemy is out to crush us…but God is out to save us.  No matter the force we see in the natural world God is stronger!  Satan’s attacks are no match for the Living God!  We can cry out as the Bible says: “Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy word.”

Verse 14.

Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him; I will set him on high, because he has known My name.

Wait a moment everyone.  Now it is God speaking about His son. Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him. The God of angels himself will come to his rescue in all perilous times, and did successfully deliver him. The cross and what it accomplished says it all.  Jesus overcame death and hell and is seated at the right hand of His Father in heaven.

When our love is set upon God (which it must be if we are dwelling in Him), it is the distinctive mark of those whom the Lord secures from ill (not talking just about being sick in body here). God knows His kids by name.  He knows everything about them.  Just as He knows everything about us…we should be diligently searching to know as much as we can about Him.

We can not have deep communion and fellowship with Jesus if we don’t get to know Him personally.  He is not a Sunday and Wednesday God.  He is a 24/7 God seven days a week. We must learn to have an intellectual trust in him.  He must become more and we must become less.  He is greater and He has given us the gift of knowing Him personally.  Don’t take that lightly.

How upright we should be because the Lord allows us to know Him and love Him.  He gives so many benefits to the believer and we need to daily thank Him for all He does.  Desire that relationship with the Lord and never allow it to fade away.  Stay focused on Him in all you do.  When we increase in our walk with the Lord Jesus Christ it very might well even be a dangerous walk (for we live in a fallen world remember)….but wherever God sets us…there it will be magnificent.

Verse 15.

He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him. I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him.

When we get upon our knees and cry out to the Lord it brings God into the situation.  Even in those times we pray and think God must not be listening know this…if you are praying God is in the midst. We need answers to life’s problems and God holds the answers to them.  God is with us in our troubles.  He doesn’t desert us when times are bad.  God is constantly close in understanding and in power to help his strained ones. He is there in every trial and suffering you will have to go through…and  He will deliver us at the perfect time and place of His choosing.  We, are to honor and love Him, learn of Him, and dwell with Him in every area of our life and God will keep His promises to us.

Verse 16.

 With long life will I satisfy him. And show him My salvation.

 When we are dwelling with God…really dwelling with the Lord and knowing Him personally and madly in love with Him…we is there to help us along the way.  But know this…each of us has an appointed time to come into this world and to leave this world.  We all have a measure of days to fill.  Some leave this earth early on while others live a long time.  We can’t judge God as to why just know He knows what He is doing no matter how sad we feel when loved ones go on.  I am both content to live and love my family as long as God allows…or when He calls me home I am content to go to Him as well.  God has blessed me with a gift of salvation that cost me nothing while it cost His son everything.  No gift is greater for each of us than the gift of salvation knowing we will get to go to heaven when the time comes and be with our Lord for all eternity.  I thank Him for loving me and I thank Him for loving you.  May we all meet in heaven and glorify our Lord. 

If you want to be hooked up to God Almighty: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit you need to connected to the substance that feeds your soul.  You must get your IV drip going and keep it going for it is your life line.  Take evasive actions in your life and look to Jesus for He is your life line.  Just as Jesus in the garden woke up His three friends to pray for Him in His struggle…do whatever you must to get people to pray for you as well when you are going through things in your life.  Pray, read the scriptures, put on praise music, put good thoughts into your mind and soul. 

The devil is a liar, thief, and murderer.  He is not your friend.  He is the enemy of God and he is your enemy.  Stop listening to his lies and search out the scriptures and talk to God so that God can ease your mind.  Keep your mind and heart on Jesus.  It is true you can’t erase your thoughts….put you sure can replace them with good thoughts.  Put that praise music on and allow God to fill you with peace.  Get into the right atmosphere and hang on to Jesus.  Use appropriate force to fight the enemy….prayer, praise, worship, and scripture.  For that…the devil must flee.  If the devil is still hanging around do more of the prayer, praise, worship, and reading the scripture.  Give the situation to God and never think for a moment that God wouldn’t be there for you.  He loved you enough to die for you…now live for Him and trust Him in all things.  He is right there!  He won’t leave or forsake you no matter what your feelings might tell you.  Feelings come and go…constantly!  God is real, God is love, God is mercy, God is amazing and He won’t give up on you.  Trust Him!

I don’t know if this explained Psalm 91 to suit you…but Psalm 91 is my favorite psalm.  It has given me peace many times over.  I hope you will search out even more and add to this so that you feel God’s peace and love in your life.  May the God of all creation give you peace, bless you, provide for you, and may you find that peace for your mind and soul.  God bless you!







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