The Gifts you Can Give Your Children

The Gifts You Can Give Your Children

Spend some quality time with them.  Make it a priority and not a duty.  If you have to loosen your work load do it.  You only have your children for a short time and what you invest in them with your time can make them great.  By giving your children quality time you need to learn how to do that.  Pay attention to what they say to you. Turn off the phones and eat together.  Make dinner a priority where everyone can talk and no one makes fun of them, answers phones, plays games, or watches TV.  You won’t get the time you missed back if you let this great opportunity go.

Love your family and others.  Although this might look easy apparently for some it is not easy.  Tell your family every chance you get that you love them.  You do not know when you will leave this world and they need to know you care.  Besides telling them how much you love them…show them you love them.  Respect them, care for them, nurture them, listen to them, and hug them often. Smiles, hugs, thanks, forgiveness….all of these things matter.

Be Compassionate. First of all you can’t love others without being compassionate and showing compassion.  With our children we love them and at the same time we discipline them when the need arises.  If you don’t discipline them you don’t teach them the lessons in life God wants them (and you) to have.  Children are not our property.  We were not given our kids to be friends with…we were given the blessing of children to be a parent.  We can discipline our children yet show compassion.  When we show compassion we are finding empathy by trying to see things as they do.  This does not mean we say wrong is okay but that we try to see things as they do and then give them a godly answer in reply.  Children go to the least resistant parent and that is wrong.  Parents always need to be on the same page and never argue in front of the kids.  Yes means yes, no means no…and always do for them age appropriate things.

Let them talk.  God gave them all a voice and they need to be able to tell you what is bothering them.  I’m talking here…really listen to what they say to you.  Again…turn things off and pay attention.  Many parents have not taken the time to really listen to their children and their child was in a bad way.  Please let them talk.  You can learn a lot if you just listen. When you listen to them it shows them that they are important to you and over the years they will remember it.

Do things that are uplifting and godly.  So many kids today all they want is “stuff” and if they don’t have everything on the market they don’t think you love them.  “Stuff is not love”.   Giving in to all their whims is not love it is an easy way out for you.  Kids need discipline and need to learn respect.  Many parents teach their children how to lie, steal, and cheat and tell them it is okay.  Not to God it isn’t.  We are to raise our children to behave, do right, live right, be respectful, and no matter how much they have or don’t have does have it is not the measure of love.

Learn to eat wisely.  Your body is important and all that junk food will one day bite you in the butt.  If all you eat is unhealthy then unhealthy you will become.  Junk food might be easy to grab but we are talking about our kids here.  How valuable are they to us? 

Go on hikes, play games, walk, go window shopping, go to the park, go to the zoo etc.  Make each day count and you don’t have to have expensive toys to be happy. 

Trust in God in everything.  Give Him your day and ask Him to place a hedge of protection around you, your spouse, your parents, your kids etc.  Bless them each day. 

Believe in your children.  When we show our children they are valuable, loved, and we believe in them we give them a great gift.  I know this world is busy.  I retired and am more busy than I was before I did.  But the one thing I try to do each day is tell people I care, eat with them, listen to them, pray over them, bless them, and believe in them.  My son Andrew before he was even born I started praying for him.  I believed in him all these years.  I let him know he was valuable and could make it in this world. (My other kids I didn’t get to do all that I got to do with Andrew because we worked so much and had so many kids, but with Andrew I got to spend the quality time and if I could take back time and do overs…I would with all my other kids.  Well Andrew has graduated college and is working and I am very proud of him and all my kids.  I believed he could do it and prayed diligently for him. We have to keep our kids lifted up in prayer.   I supported his dreams and he had a hard road but he made it. 

We must encourage our children and believe in them.  They might not want to be what we had in mind for them to be, but God is in control and each child has to grow up and make decisions. 

When Andrew was in school there is nothing I would not have done to be at everything he was in.  His life and what made him happy was always what made me happy as well.  This is what I want for all my kids, my grandkids, my great grandkids and all those I love.  I want their dreams to come true.  I want them in God’s hands and for them to daily trust and have a relationship with God. 

I am my families greatest cheerleader even when they don’t get it.  I believe in my family.  I pray for them and know God has them in His hands.  Thanks Lord!

How does one survive in this insane world without love and compassion? 






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