The Jailor’s Family Got Saved


Text: Acts 16:25 – 34


Act 16:25  And toward midnight Paul and Silas prayed and praised God in a hymn. And the prisoners listened to them.

Act 16:26  And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken. And immediately all the doors were opened and all the bonds were loosened.

Act 16:27  And being awakened, and seeing the doors of the prison being open, drawing a sword, the jailer was about to kill himself, supposing that the prisoners had escaped.

Act 16:28  But Paul called out with a loud voice, saying, Do yourself no harm, for we are all here.

Act 16:29  Then asking for a light he rushed in and fell trembling before Paul and Silas.

Act 16:30  And leading them outside, he said, Sirs, what must I do to be saved?

Act 16:31  And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved, and your household.

Act 16:32  And they spoke the Word of the Lord to him, and to all who were in his household.

Act 16:33  And taking them in that hour of the night, he washed from their stripes. And he was baptized, he and all his, immediately.

Act 16:34  And bringing them up to the house, he set a table before them and rejoiced, believing in God with all his household.

What is the most important event that has happened to your family? What is the most important message you and your family can hear?  How will you and your family respond to the most important message in your life?

Let’s look at the family in Philippi?  We know him in this story as “the jailer”.   The most important day for this Philippi family was the day they heard the message and accepted the message and the entire family was saved.  Paul and Silas preached to them and everyone in the family was saved.  God had everyone in the right place at the right time and God worked through Paul and Silas to get His word to this family.

First: God knew where this family was and that they were ripe to receive the word so God set up the meeting between Paul and Silas.  Get this…it was a divine meeting for their souls!!! 

Now what would have happened had Paul and Silas not been in the jail at that time?  What would have happened if the jailer who was in charge had his prisoner’s gotten away (death sentence)?  You see Paul and Silas didn’t want to be in prison and had committed no crime, but they were there and this was a divine appointment for God to save an entire family. With a  huge earthquake that ripped the place apart the prisoners could all have run away: but they didn’t.  God caused Paul and Silas to go to Philipp in 16:6-12 where they were put into prison.  God had a reason! While Paul and Silas were in Phillip God caused Paul and Silas to cross paths with a slave girl and her masters. (16:16 – 24) God always knows the details and the road to travel even if and/or when it causes us issues in our life for the time being. So God caused an earthquake to get the jailer’s attention. (16:26)  Sometimes God has to cause something in our life as well to get our attention so He can get us on the right path as well.  Then another issue comes up will Paul and Silas who were stuck in prison be faithful and witness for the Lord?  If someone stuck you in prison would you be faithful and witness?

Paul and Silas witnessed in the streets. (16:17) Paul and silas witnessed in the prison (16:25) but the most important part to this one particular story is that they witnessed to the jailor and him and his entire household were saved.  (16:32)

The jailer and his family met the conditions of salvation and were saved. They listened to the Word. (16:32). They believed the Word. (16:34). They responded to the Word. (16:33)

This is how we are to respond as well.  I am giving you a message.  It very well could be a divine appointment for you.  Will you listen to the word?  Will you believe the word?  Will you respond to the word?  So easy a message yet so vital for your soul.  When I write and post on all my sites I never know who will read them or what they will think or do.  I pray that God leads the person He has in mind to the site where they are and that someone will be blessed by something I write about.  Most times I never know if they accepted Jesus or not, but it is God who draws and tugs.  I am just a messenger and get no glory of any kind whatsoever.  God gets all the glory in everything. 

I am not an out and out person that can speak in front of crowds but I know my God can use me for whatever he believes at the time I can help someone by doing.  I allow God to put me in the right place at the right time even if the means here is on the internet.  Maybe someone woke up today with heavy burdens and this is the only thing they chose today to read and maybe, just maybe, this was the one that God chose for them to read.  How someone responds to the message I have no control over.  My job is to be obedient and it is God’s job to draw people.  I might plant a seed, water it, and maybe even at some point see the harvest.  My point is obedience to telling whoever God says to tell even if I never meet them or know them or even know of their decisions in life.  I am but a tool of talk.  It is not just your family I pray gets saved.  More than anything I pray for mine as well.  That they will truly hear the calling of God and accept God as their Lord and Savior and live for Him.  As God desires none to be lost so do I because that is the will of my Father in heaven.  So I pray for your family to be saved and I pray for my family to be saved.

How will you respond today?  Will you accept the Lord as your Savior?  Will your family?  I pray blessings over you that you accept the Lord, serve the Lord, worship the Lord and that you be blessed in all areas of your life.  May God protect your way, heal your body, provide for you needs and guide your steps.  Many blessings your way. 

As the Jailer’s family got saved…will yours as well? I pray so!





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