We Are the watchmen on the wall

We are the Watchmen on the Wall 

Judgment is coming: Don’t take it lightly. America, Israel, and the entire world are living in a very difficult time. Because the time of the end is near we not only need to get ready, be ready, but to be the watchmen on the wall. 

So what is a watchman anyway?  Many people have no clue who they are/were or what they even did.  The job of watchmen in Biblical times were men who guarded their city and sounded the alarm (trumpet) when danger was coming.  They sounded an alarm to warn the people to get ready, get right with God, take your family to the safest place, and then the fighters would fight. They didn’t have modern technology as we do today so they had to use what they did have.  A lot of cities were build with walls around them and these watchmen would walk the top looking out constantly to see when trouble was coming.  Didn’t matter the weather they were there to warn and their job was extremely important because it could mean the difference between life and death of them, their family, and their community.  Can you even imagine how they were spread out on the wall in all kinds of weather most likely not close enough to talk.  Most times it must have been a very lonely job and most likely some didn’t take this job seriously, or even if they did they must have gotten lonely and discouraged out there in the heat of the day and the cold of the night…but they had a job to do and that job was vital to their community because danger could attack at anytime.

Do you think that some of these men might have not taken their job serious? That maybe some of them snuck off for a time even.   Maybe some didn’t even think what they were doing was important.  I wonder how many on those long lonely nights especially dozed off?  It is like guarding a compound where are military are now around the world.  But even today they also must get bored and tired and some must doze off as well.  When they do this they put many other people’s lives in danger of being killed and annihilated. Today people have cell phones which distract them from their jobs…but the job of a watchmen is an extremely important job and one that should never be taken lightly.

But…(yes, I started with but) we are watchmen as well.  It is our job to watch and warn.  We are God’s watchmen that have the amazing job of warning people of the dangers in this world.  We can take that job seriously or we can sit and say and do nothing and put ourself, our family, our neighbors, and our country in danger.  It is all of our duty to be watchmen and warn of danger.  If not us who? Danger is out there and there are millions who want to take over our country and kill us.  We must stand guard on the wall of America or wherever you are and warn others of imminent dangers lurking to destroy us.

It is possible that you might say that we are not in danger, that no one can get into our country and destroy us…but you are very wrong.  Just look at all that happened on 9/11 that was an attack on our grounds and it cost many lives. It was a warning people and we were asleep on the wall. We can come up with all kinds of conspiracy theories and some of them might even be true…but we also must blame ourselves because we are the very ones bring destruction to our world and we sit and say and do nothing. We are the watchmen and I pray that by the time you read this you will understand how vital you are to our country and what it will mean if we do not stand, pray, plead, beg, fast, and so on to our Lord not to destroy our country now.  Oh, people judgment is coming and “The train has left the station” as Joel Rosenberg said…but each of us can do our part and pray that God will not yet bring judgment on our soil.  Oh, we deserve it for sure and I hope to explain why we deserve it.  Please take the time to read all of this, pray about it, and if you think worthy of standing up on that wall…be obedient and do your part as well.

You are to be a watchmen but are you doing your job or not doing your job?  Do you take the work as a watchmen serious or are you out in the world thinking you are safe while the enemy comes in and ravishes your country? We are, as watchmen, to be watching not living as though nothing matters. Living as in the world where we just don’t want to believe the truth.  It is our job as watchmen to stand guard over our wall, protect our family, city, and country from all…I repeat all….enemies foreign and domestic. 

Christianity, Judaism are always under attack (along with others).  Jesus urgently needs his watchmen to get back up on the wall and do their job before we are overrun by the enemy and at a place of no return.  America has always been great but we have come to a place where we did’nt stay watch and we allowed things that should not be.  We have allowed ungodly things into our life, our homes, our marriages, our schools, our country, our government, and because we call things bad…good, and good evil, and so on…we will, if we don’t change destroy our souls and our country for our children and grandchildren.  Future generations are at stake and most just go along like they did before the flood, and before Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. They like their sins so they don’t see that they are being judged accordingly and really people…judgment is upon us and most will sit and claim the watchmen are nuts and nothing will happen. 

Isaiah 62:6 says, “I have posted watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem;
they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest.”

Jeremiah 6:17-19 says, “I appointed watchmen over you and said, ‘Listen to the sound of the trumpet!’ But you said, ‘We will not listen.’ Therefore hear, O nations; observe, O witnesses, what will happen to them. Hear, O earth: I am bringing disaster on this people, the fruit of their schemes, because they have not listened to my words and have rejected my law.”

I want you to think about this for awhile:  God is restoring watchmen.  In fact we were always to be watchmen, but many felt so comfortable doing nothing they did not do their job any longer and evil has crept in and robbed us of the very things we were to be watching for.

Have you ever really looked at the walled cities of old and how thick their walls were?  You would think with the weapons they had back then it would not be a problem and no one could get in. Wrong!  Everything can be gotten into if someone is not doing their job and lets their guard down. Watchmen were human and had human problems. Many just plain didn’t do their job even though they really had one of the most important jobs there were.  You see if they failed in telling about impending dangers they, themselves, could be killed.  They also could pay for their lives even if they won the battle because they didn’t warn others of the impending attack. Many people could die, be taken captive, raped, beaten, and tortured…and entire societies could be lost forever just because they didn’t do their job of warning.

Well it is the same for Christians and Jews today.  Our world is being attacked on many shores and it is our job to warn people of the danger.  It is not someone else’s job…it is ours…each of ours!!!  Read that again and again.  It is our duty to warn people of the danger and it is our job to tell them about God.


A Christian is a watchman. God acts in and through us and we are always called to be obedient even in those things we don’t fully understand. We are all to also intercede for the lost even if we hate the deeds they do. Jesus came to save mankind…not just us.  Evil lurks everywhere out there but we still need to intercede for the lost no matter how evil they are right now because we serve a God of miracles and God can turn a stone-cold killer into a Christian like he did Saul in the Bible.  God didn’t just die for us and our family.  This does not mean you sit and do nothing if being attacked, but you can pray for people who are the enemy now and God can work on their hearts and change them whereby they come to be His child and no longer the child of the devil. Enemies can be won over by God…even the worst of the worst.

Many people don’t go to God foremost before setting out on any endeavor. Somehow we all think we are smarter than God is.  I don’t think so!  God created this world and God made the rule book.  Actually He took 600 plus laws and put them into this: Mark 12:30-31Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV) “30 and thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. 31 And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.”

 If we are doing as God said then we love others and in that we do we won’t steal, kill, or commit crimes against them. If we are going to God for His approval before we lash out we will begin to change and do things God’s ways instead of man’s ways. We are to have love and integrity but at the same time not be a door-mat either.  We do have the right to protect our self, our family, our city, and our country…but we go and get God’s approval and see what God would want us to do in the situation at hand. We are to grow in grace, compassion, and godly wisdom and we do that through a relationship with the Lord.

Jesus is the ultimate watchman. He is screaming out for us to listen to the warnings and change our way.  The shofar has been sounding but the people have ear plugs in.  The danger is imminent and the people are going about their daily lives like all is well.  They don’t see the danger coming and even the Watchman Jesus has been sounding the alarm they lives are so loud they don’t hear the call to arms.  If they don’t wake up soon and come to the wall and stop what is going on the enemy will take them over and their lives as they know it will be lost. Wake up Jesus is shouting from the wall. Wake up and do your job.  Wake up and be obedient.  Wake up and before it is too late to save all that you hold dear.  Wake up!!!

Jesus is our shepherd and watchman and He is on the wall.  He warns of danger and just like many societies in the world over the years didn’t heed their masters call they were lost for all time.  We are to hear His voice and do as He says and He has called out and warned us of all that is coming yet we sit on the wall of life doing our own things, listening to music, playing games, watching sports, and all the ungodly worldly things and we don’t take Him seriously.  Pretty soon the sheep will scatter and run for cover because evil is upon us and we are allowing it in. The gates have been opened and evil walked right though them and no  one on the wall…did their job.

There are many pastors, teachers and so on out there that are not warning of the dangers.  They accept the lies they are told and allow evil in places instead of yelling from the watch towers on the wall.  Don’t be like that.  Judgment is upon us all and most are going along like nothing is wrong and that we must accept the lies we are told.  NO!  We don’t have to accept the lies we are fed.  We are children of the living God and He has warned us and we are to take a stand and say “no more”.  We are to pray and intercede for the lost and dying world we live in.  We are to do whatever we can to stop the evil in our land or we will go down with it.  It is everyone’s duty and especially those in a pulpit to tell the truth of God’s words and not deceived and if they believe they won’t be held liable by God they are not serving the living God because He says that He will hold them accountable for what they teach and preach.  Stand up pastors and those that are lying about sin and calling it okay had better repent soon and tell the truth or they truly won’t like the judgment that will fall upon them. 

It is the pastors job to prepare the sheep for what is going to happen. The truth and nothing but the truth.  Don’t just give messages to make people feel good…TELL THEM THE BLOODY TRUTH!!! The truth doesn’t change.  God doesn’t change.  Lies don’t become truth, and truth doesn’t become a lie.  Transmit the absolute truth of God’s word before it is too late.  If you were called by God to preach the word…preach the truth of the word….all of it.  Not just that which makes people think and believe all is well because all is not well with the church right now, and all is not well in their morals, integrity, or their walk with God.

Every pastor out there should daily be on their knees in deep communion with the Lord in a personal relationship with the Lord.  Don’t get so busy with the things of life that you neglect the very one you should never ignore.  It is the duty of each and every pastor to live a godly life, be an example of Jesus, and never lie to your congregation…and never tell them that God now says evil is good and good is evil.  The truth pastors…the truth.  So what if the truth offends someone.  Better to offend and tell the truth and stay the course than lose your soul and be accountable for the souls that were placed in your care.

Listen carefully: The watchmen on the gates didn’t open and close the gates.  They were not the police.  They were not law makers.  Their job and only job was to stand guard and warn the people of impending danger.  They told the ones that could stop and open and close the gates.  They were the ones that got the military in formation…they were the ones that fought.  The watchmen watched and warned.  That is a pastor’s job. That is the job of each and every person who is called by God.  We watch, we warn….and we don’t stop until they hear and listen to the warning and do what is necessary to stop the invasion.  Are you listening to what I just said?  Are you? 

As I said Jesus is the ultimate watchman.  He has warned us of impending danger throughout the Bible.  He gave us the plan book and it is our duty to Him to search the scriptures and be ready for the enemy attack.  The devil loves it when we don’t listen and watch and learn.  The devil loves it when we believe a lie.  The devil loves it when we falter and don’t trust God.  The devil loves it when families are destroyed.  He loves us to believe the lies of some of the people he got into a pulpit that preach everything but Jesus.  Millions are falling for the lies of satan and it is destroying their very soul.  It is not okay to have a mixed church with Islam now called Chrislam.  It is not okay to have killed 58,000,000 unborn children. It is not okay to be gay no matter what you think.  If God called anything a sin…it is still a sin.  Lying, stealing, cheating, incest, shacking up and so on.  It is still a sin and has absolutely no place in any church.  Yes, love the sinner that is our duty but if they don’t come to repentance and change then it is our duty to tell them they are not ready to meet God and what they are doing is wrong……..WRONG! 


Now think about the wall around the cities of long ago.  If one was a watchman it pretty much mean they could see outward to danger outside, but that they could also see inside the city.  Sometimes the enemy is already within the gates of the community and they had to also discern this as well.

Now let us take this to the church for a moment.  The church has watchmen as well.  People that will tell the pastor what is going on and what people are doing wrong so they can deal with the problems at hand.  Most churches don’t go around calling a specific person a watchman, and the watchman is not always honored for the job they do.  Within the confines of a church they should be the very ones that bring problems to the pastor so that he/she can deal with the issues at hand.  Not always a favorite person but a necessary person.

We must continue God’s point of view in mind when interpreting warning visions. Christians frequently get so focused on the evil that Satan has planned that they fail to notice God’s response to the problem at hand. This gives Satan a place he does not merit. People get so absorbed in the evil being warned against, that they miss what God is saying and promising. We should fear God, not the devil and his schemes. The watchman’s task is not to make Christians afraid, but to show them how they can be victorious, if they get ready. Most visions are not about the people of God being defeated, but are a promise that God’s people can be victorious, if the watchmen do their work. We need watchmen who can tell us how to get ready.



Watchmen are not there to advance the name of the enemy and cause fear of  God’s people.  Their purpose is to warn the people of danger, while it is still a long way off. This gives the people time to get behind the walls/or find safety. The watchman’s warning also gives leaders and the people time to prepare their defenses, so they can repel the enemy when he comes. Now even if the watchman warns but the leaders don’t listen the people are left without resources to care for them in the natural.

Satan commonly uses craftiness and deception. The success of his plans depends on Christians not waking up to what is happening until it is too late to respond. God counters by revealing Satan’s plan’s to the watchmen. They can then expose his plans and blow his cover. God reveals the attacks of the enemy in advance, so that he can be exposed and defeated. America has been warned.  America has had several warnings but yet the leaders are not listening to the watchman. The role of a watchman is not limited to speaking only about the sins and problems of the society. The watchman was also charged with proclaiming good news about salvation.

For a great deal of my time lately I have been in deep study about end times and what things will be happening.  Many will scare you if you believe in the Lord and the bible…yet at the same time they can give us peace because we know the end of the Bible and we are the ones on the winning team.

As I sat at the pastor’s conference and heard many pastors teach I was overwhelmed with Lord…what can I do?  Time is short on this earth even if we don’t know the day or hour.  We can see the prophecies and know most have happened exactly like spoken of hundreds of years earlier.  If you don’t believe that is up to you, but that will never stop God’s word to take place exactly like He said it would. 

If you really study the word of God you will learn that even the towers coming down on 9/11, and the financial fall outs were really talked about long before they happened down to the day and hour they happened.  Nothing is a surprise to God…not even that because to be real here it was a warning.  No one likes what happened. Along time ago we had God in our country, our homes, our marriages, our schools, and our government.  Morals meant something.  Integrity meant something and ones word could pretty much be counted on if they said they would do something.

Today….we put God out of our homes, our marriages, our schools, our government and today Christians and Jews (and others) somehow became the enemy while the enemy became the good guy.  There have been 58 million murders of innocent babies sine Roe came into being.  That is 58 million babies murdered.  Women and lawmakers say it is their right to kill an innocent child if they don’t want it.  Well….that is 58 million souls alone in the USA that are crying out for judgment.  Do you realize that the way it is going that in a couple years if it is not stopped over 60 million babies just in the USA will have been murdered.  That is ten times as many Jews as was killed in the holocaust.  You don’t think God will bring judgment for even just this horrible sin?  What about the immorality of America? Pretty much the same as Sodom and Gomorrah already…if they have not surpassed it in God’s eyes and we all know what happened to them.  The thing is God placed rules for us to follow and when we don’t follow them we pay the consequences.  Our families pay the consequences, our country pays the consequences, and many souls will be lost because they wouldn’t accept Jesus and take things seriously.

Well…I am here to warn you that judgment is coming.  Many will believe and many won’t believe it…but truth is truth and it is just a matter when…it is not a matter of will it happen.  God always warns and He has already warned America that because they don’t want Him to lead our country any longer he will remove His very protection from America. 

Really people the only thing that can even postpone (if it even can) is prayer, fasting, pleading, begging God to come back and REPENTANCE.  No repentance from America and it is as good as done. 

Our country has removed God. In fact, now they want to remove Christians and Jews and they are making our enemy welcome.  We all think we know how bad it is in America and around the world…but we really don’t understand the judgment that is coming.  People it is not other people’s responsible to be on their knees praying………it is all of our responsibility to do so.  If we don’t repent and pray for our country…it will fall. If we go on like we are thinking everything is okay where are we different that before the flood? Before Sodom and Gomorrah? We must repent and change and get back to God now.  Did you know that after 9/11 people came together for a few weeks all around the country to pray…BUT IT DIDN’T LAST AND THE NATION DIDN’T REPENT.  Oh, they prayed for a time but pride was in America and not repentance.  The only thing that can even put off judgment is repentance and humbleness.  Please….please….please…repent for your country and pray for the lost.  As much as we believe somehow we are special and somehow we deserve more than others…Jesus died for all of us no matter what country we live in, no matter what race we are.  We need to pray for our enemies and not stop because that is one of the things we are all called to do even for the evil people that bring the world pain and suffering.  Not always easy but even the evil of the world can find Jesus and change.  

So my message to you is be a watchman and tell people the truth always.  Tell them what is coming and what they need to do to possibly get God to postpone His judgment of the America.  Never be afraid to tell people about the truth of what is going on and always warn people because all of us need to get our life right with the Lord before we don’t have the time to get right with Him.  Today is a great day to begin to get right and it surely is a great day to share this with others.  Please share this and warn people.  Please.   


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