What on Earth is God Doing?

What on earth is God doing?
Ever think to yourself….What on earth is God doing? Can’t God see what is going on? Why doesn’t God just put an end to this madness right now? Well, I bet for the majority of the people you have asked these questions and way more.
We all heard numerous times (and still do) about the death of our people at Benghazi and how it should never have happened and why didn’t we get help to them. But then I have that haunting face of Hillary Clinton that plays over and over with that ugly smirk on her face saying “What difference does it make.” Well…it matters to true Americans. It matters to the loved ones and friends of those killed that day. It matters that our government covers up everything…and her ridiculous disgusting statement matters. It shows her lack of honesty, morals, and integrity. I won’t go further on this but things that happen all around us do matter and when these things happen most of us say things like where was God? Didn’t He care? Why didn’t He stop it? Doesn’t He see what is going on around the world and all the hatred and persecution? Of course He cares but…………God will deal with each and everything wrong in the world on His time and He has a set time. Although we might not understand at this moment God is in control and knows exactly what He will do about it…IT IS CALLED JUDGMENT!

Of course we want things fixed now. We want Him to stop everything because people all around us are in pain and suffering. People are hurting and killing our brothers and sisters all around the world and we want it to stop. We want God to reach down and toss all the evil right into hell. But….(that word again) God has a set time set. He did give us clues to when it would be. No, not the day or hour but gave us clues and told us to be ready for His return. He said that in the end times all this madness would be on the earth…and then He would return for his church/bride. God knows exactly what people are doing, but He is also giving those that want to go to heaven so they are not lost more time. Problem is He could come today and millions upon millions would be lost. God also knows the very last person who will ask Him into their life. So today or a hundred years from now….it is best to be ready and waiting for His return.
Every day we see a dreadful tragedy somewhere in the world unfolding before our eyes on our television screens, computers, papers etc., and wonder how God can let such things happen. ‘What on earth was God thinking of to let so-and-so happen’. We have seen the horrific pictures of beheadings, raping, torture, burning victims and all the rest and in a sane persons’ eyes we don’t understand the evil in the world. How does one get thousands of people to go along with their evil? It is unimaginable to us yet it is happening more and more.
Can any of us really imagine or even begin to comprehend the way that God thinks, when we have enough difficulty at times understanding how our friends and family make the decisions that they do at times. But if we’re to grasp any understanding at all of the way God works in our lives and in the world, then we need to examine that something called ‘the will of God’ . After all, every time we say the Lord’s prayer we pray ‘Your kingdom come, your WILL be done on earth…’ His will….it doesn’t say our will!
Most children have problems with the will of their parents. Not so much in understanding what’s been said, ‘Don’t do that!’ but rather the rationale behind the instruction. And how do we know that they struggle with this? Because they ask a simple question…. ‘Why?’ Kids hear us, but at times, but they see the why and by that I mean…if you do this thing then this thing might just happen and that would not be good. We do all we can to protect our kids and loved ones and yet many times over no matter how much we stress right from wrong…they use their own will and do whatever “it” might be and with that there are consequences. Our kids most times bug and con and ask why can’t I go and do such and such and a parent many times will say things like, “Because I said so. Because it is wrong. Just because. I don’t like such and such. It is not safe. And a myriad of other things.” As parents many times we see the danger in allowing our children to do certain things, or do them when they are to young to do them. They don’t get it but that is okay…we are the parent and they are the child and it is our duty to watch over them. When they go ahead and do whatever “it” is against our will then there are consequences for their actions. Well!!!!!!!! God always knows best and He tells us in His word what His will is and what is right and wrong. He warns us and yet we get off track and do our own things…for which there are consequences. All of us in this world need boundaries and when we go over them God is not pleased…but at times He allows us to do them but it still has a consequence down the road if we have not repented of our actions. In this world we will face tribulations….GOD SAID IT! We might go to God and ask why, how come, I don’t like your answer or whatever…God is big enough for whatever we dish out…but…at some point if we continue down a road that leads away from Him and is hurting others we will face the consequences in His timing and His timing is perfect.
When we get older we see the differences that have gone on in the world. We see the pain and suffering, we see the sins being committed. We see the homes without God being destroyed and horrible things being done to people that should never be. We see the world totally out of control and governments everywhere so corrupt that we truly ask God where He is. Yet…God is in heaven getting things ready to return and deal with it all. God doesn’t lie and He will return on the very day He designed to return and not a moment sooner.
As we grow spiritually, we must accept an encounter with the will of God. This is not some dreadful ‘Stand in the corner where God says wait until I’m ready to deal with you!’ , just a loving Father revealing to his children the way that life could, and should, be lived. Jesus knew the importance of seeking the will of his Father. We see this in the reading from Mark’s gospel. We’re used to thinking of Jesus continually up against opposition from the authorities and people that followed him around. Well, at the start of his ministry, the danger wasn’t opposition but popular acclaim. We read that the whole town turned out to see what was going on in their neighborhoods, as well they might. It couldn’t be every day that someone turned up and started healing everyone that asked him to touch them. He must have had his work cut out trying to keep up with the steady stream of visitors all wanting Him to move on their behalf. He was human as well as God but while on earth He had the same means as us in that He had to eat, rest, and work. He didn’t have phones or internet. Everywhere He went people wanted to see Him and as tired as we get some days…How tired did Jesus get? Yet…Jesus never sinned once. He did the will of His Father in heaven and we are to do the will of our Father in heaven as well. So what’s the most important thing that Jesus can think of doing. Getting up early so that even more people can come to the house and be healed? No, getting up early and heading off into the countryside where he can have a bit of peace and quiet, and sort out in his mind just what he should be doing next. We know this because Mark tells us that when the disciples found him, Jesus said ‘Let’s go somewhere else – to the nearby villages – so I can preach there also. That is why I have come.’ Just as Jesus needed time to focus, firstly on the way his ministry was going, and secondly on finding out what the next step was to be – and how did he do this except by finding solitude ………..and listening and talking with his Father. We are to spend time with our Father in heaven as well and learn what He wants for our life even if we are to go through things on earth or not. We are to be diligent and obey and stand ready for whatever comes our way. God is always with us if we are His kids, but that never means that we will have an easy life. We live in a fallen world and until He comes back and takes it back stuff will continue to get worse…why? Because the devil knows his time is almost up and things will get way worse. The devil knows his ending and if you read the Bible you will know it as well. We win! If we are God’s kids no matter what happens right now we are still on the winning team and we will get the trophy.

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