Who was a Jew in the Bible

Who was a Jew in the Bible?

I don’t know about you but I do not like being lied to, or deceived, when it comes especially to anything that God put in the Bible.   I don’t want anyone to lie or deceive me even if it is something I would rather not hear.  I want to understand the Word of God no matter what my opinion might be.  Sometimes I am amazed at how many religions are out there believing theirs is perfect and everyone else’s is wrong.  We should all be on the same page and the pages used should be the Bible.  I do not believe that Jesus is happy about all these “religions” that claim whatever they want and who do not find out the truth and then preach the truth and nothing but the truth.   

  For instance there is a writer, I won’t mention here, but most times he is right on but I purchased a new book of his and have like four times tried to read this one book but in my spirit it felt wrong so, as usual, I go into a deep study on the subject matter to find out what the Bible really says…not someone’s interpretation and surely not what their traditions are.  I know the truth is always better than a lie.  I ask God to always show me the truth even if it is something I really don’t like.  God is always faithful to show us the truth and anything that does not line up with the word of God is not the truth. 

So to get to what I want to discuss today is on the subject of who was a Jew and when did Judaism begin. Well Adam and Eve were not Jews, Moses was not a Jew,  Abraham was not a Jew, and Jacob was not a Jew.  Oh, did you think they were? Most people believe that Moses, Abraham, and Jacob were Jews.  This is not the case and before you send me email read what I write and then do an in-depth study on the subject.  I don’t want anyone to believe me because I say something I want you to study and find the answers so you know in your spirit what is truth and what is a lie.  Most of us have been deceived into believing lies and I really don’t think/believe that most of the people who have deceived us into this belief knew the truth…they just followed what others told them.  Again…the truth is always better than a lie. They have followed what they were taught and did not question it…or if they did question it at some point they just went along with it.  We should not go along “with it”…but we should know the truth and then share that truth with others.

Did you know that the first time the word Jews is mentioned in the Bible is not until 2 Kings.  It is not in the first five books of the Bible as most people assume.  It is not even mentioned in the next five books of the Bible.  The first time the word Jews is in the Bible is in the twelve book of the Bible. 

2Ki 16:6  At that time Rezin king of Syria recovered Elath to Syria, and drove the Jews from Elath. And the Syrians came to Elath and lived there until this day.

But who are the Jews? Who were not the Jews?  Let us begin at the beginning.  God never said in Genesis when he created Adam and Eve that He created the Jews.  No mention there.  He said He created humans: male and female.  As you go through all those first books up to the book of 2 Kings you do not see one mention of Jews anywhere.  Not once instance.  Somehow it was easier to tell us that there were Jews back then when, in fact, the Bible just does not say that. Besides that God doesn’t say He created “Jews”.  He created humans…male and female.  So out of male and female somewhere along the line Jews were established.  Adam and Eve were not Jews, Noah was not a Jews, Enoch nor Elisha were not Jews, Abraham, Isaac, nor Jacob were Jews.  In Abraham’s day there was no established religion known as Judaism at all.  In fact, there were no one of Jewish ethnicity or Jewish faith mentioned in the Bible then. 

Okay you doubt right?  Most of us have who know the truth doubted when we heard this because it goes against what we have been taught in church.  But again, before you write me to complain, read and study the word of God and find the truth for yourself.  You don’t have to agree with me about anything at all…but don’t you want to know the truth of this matter because the truth is good.

So where exactly did the word Jews derive from anyway.  It comes from the word Judah, the name of one of the great-grandsons of Abraham.  Abraham had Isaac who had Jacob who had twelve sons and one of them was named Judah.  Judah means praise.  Now Jacob had more than one wife and Leah was not his favorite because the Bible says that Rachel was…but God is so good and God made the promised line come down from the wife who was not the favorite to be the Jewish race.  Maybe that is not important to  you but God is perfect and for whatever reason he chose Judah to be the beginning of the Jewish race and religion God knows why.

Judah – 4th-born overall. Perhaps the most famous of Jacob’s sons  is Judah especially when it comes to who was a Jew because it was from Judah that the Jews are descended. A vital element for understanding Bible Prophecy is that while all Jews are Israelites, not all Israelites are Jews (just the same as all Belgians are Europeans, but not all Europeans are Belgians). There are many millions of people around the world today who are Israelites, but not all are Jews.  But Judaism took in three tribes of which were: Judah, Levi (Both Leah’s children…and Benjamin who was Rachel’s son) The Jews began with Judah!  Search it out because it is true. 

Most people know the story about the great famine and that the sons of Jacob had to go to Egypt to get food and all that happened there and that eventually they were slaves in Egypt.  Jacob had twelve sons but only three of them made up the Jews.  The twelve were known as the twelve tribes of Israel.  Remember than Jacob’s name was changed from Jacob to Israel.  They were Israelites but not all of them were Jews. 

Judah, Ruben, Simeon, Levi, Dan, Naphatali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulum, Joseph, and Benjamin.   Again, all were Israelites because Jacob their father was Israel, but only Judah, Levi, and Benjamin made up the Jews. 

Moses was not a descendant of Judah even though he led the people out of Egypt.  Moses brought them to the brink of the promised land (with all of God’s help) where Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob had lived previously.  It is through Judah that the origin of the name Jew appears.  Now Israel (Jacob) had multiplied greatly by the time they got to go into the Promised Land and each tribe went by their own name.  The land was divided according to tribes. 

All twelve tribes…the sons of Israel/Jacob…traveled into Egypt to escape a great famine in their own land.  For hundreds of years they became slaves in Egypt until God brought them out of Egypt.  God used Moses to lead them out of Egypt and to take them to the Promised Land.  Moses was not from the tribe of Judah.  Each tribe of Israel still went by its own name and the families all received land according to the tribes of their birth. 

This is just the beginning of this story though.  Many years passed and the Israelites demanded to have a king like the pagans did.  This was not the best in God’s eyes.  But they wanted one and even though not good for them…God gave them a king. Well God gave them a king and his name was Saul who was from the tribe of Benjamin.  It was later in King Saul’s reign that he fell out of favor with God and a new king, who was from the tribe of Judah, became king.  This king was King David.  It was through King David that he slew Goliath with a slingshot and a stone.  God called David a “man after my own heart”.  King David ascended to great power as the king over the UNITED KINGDOM OF ISRAEL. This is important! 

After David died his son Solomon became king.  It was said that Solomon was wiser than all men, but even Solomon had weaknesses.  He had a lot of wives (not one but like a thousand of them) Many of them were pagan wives who influenced his adherence to God’s laws.  It was this that pretty much led to the Solomon’s’ troubles and to the kingdom falling from him. Read 1 Kings 11:9-11

The prophesy came true and the United Kingdom of Israel was split into two kingdoms with two Kings.  The Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judah!  Israel became from the ten tribes group that was considered the northern part of the territory. In the southern part was three tribes Judah, Benjamin, and Levi.  It was from these three tribes that collectively became known as “JEWS”. 

So now you ask…hey that is 13 tribes and not twelve and you are correct.  The reason being is that Joseph was given a double portion as a special blessing.  The names of those tribes were Ephraim and Manesseh the two sons of Joseph.  Joseph did not have a section named after him but his portion went to each of his sons making the total number in the tribes now thirteen and not twelve.  So now you  have two kingdoms.  You have the kingdom of Israel now and the Kingdom of Judah from which the Jewish race/religion was born.  (Really people don’t take my word for it…study it for yourself)

Both kingdoms had good and bad kings over the years.  Just as America had a Civil War between its people so did these two kingdoms go to war.  They all were Jacobs/Israel’s children but it was here that Israel (ten tribes against three tribes) was actually at war with the Jews. Just like all the people during the Civil War belonged to the land of what is known as America…the tribes of Israel and the tribes of Judah went to war.  How many people even today believe that all thirteen tribes were Jews?  How many believe that there is no way that they could have gone to war against each other?  Many find this inconceivable even though it is true.  The Kingdom of Israel were not Jews…but the Kingdom of Judah were Jews.  Ironically, the initial instance of the word Jews in the Bible is the very time when Israel was at war with the Jews (search it out). 

Then Rezin king of Syria and Pekah sons of Remaliah King of Israel came up to Jerusalem to war; and they besieged Ahaz, but could not overcome him.  At that time Rezin king of Syria recovered Elath to Syria, and drave the Jews from Elath; and the Syrians came to Elath, and dwelt there unto this day. (2 Kings 16:5-6)

Okay put this into perspective: The citizens of Israel, whose king at the time was Remaliah, went to war against the Jews of the kingdom of Judah, whose king was Ahaz.  At the very first indication of Jews, we find that Israel is not synonymous with Jews.  It was in conflict with them.  While the citizens of the Southern Kingdom became known as the people of Judah, or Jews, their northern cousins retained the name Israel.  Eventually both kingdoms fell under attack to different foreign nations:  Israel fell victim to the Assyrians in 721 BC, and Judah was invaded by the Babylonians in 586BC. 

The Northern Kingdom of Israel never returned to its rightful land, and became known as the lost ten tribes of Israel.  The Jews, however, did return to Jerusalem after their Babylonian captivity.  That is why by the time Jesus was born, the land was once again filled with Jews, and the region was known as Judaea, not Israel. 

To understand a little more the difference between the terms Israelite and Jew can be understood when compared to the United States.  While we could say that most people in Arizona are legal citizens of the US…not all Americans are Arizonans.  All Jews were Israelites since they descended from Judah, the son of Israel, not all Israelites were Jews.  Israelites may have belonged to the other several tribes that came from Jacob/Israel.  Until there was even a person named Judah there could be no Jews.  Therefore, Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, along with everyone else who was alive before Judah, could not have been Jews.  The Jews were comprised of three tribes: Judah, Levi, and Benjamin.  The rest of the tribes were considered Israelites.  There is a difference To God.  Now while all this might not make you want to jump and shout…the truth is always better than a lie and wisdom in knowledge is always a good thing.  Study the Word and there are so many things that traditions have got things wrong, and so many people who just go along with what they were taught and never question or study to find out for themselves.  Study people.  Study!

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