Don’t compare yourself to others

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else


I have known people all my life who thought that they had to be top dog!  They had to have the best of everything and anyone who didn’t was never good enough to them.  They had the best homes, cars, toys, vacations, clothes, went to the the “top dog” schools, and wasted money like it truly grew on trees, but they were not happy, they had the “stuff” but not the soul.  They never seemed content.
 If you are a peach….then you are not a plum!

Contentment begins when comparison stops.  No one is better than another no matter what they own in life or how rich they are.  They might buy things but even with all those things they don’t have the contentment of God in their lives. I’m not saying all rich people don’t have God, but all that money, and all those things doesn’t mean you will be happy in life. 


Don’t measure yourself by stuff because you will just want more stuff and if someone has more than you then will you do anything to get more so that you are the “best” in your eyes? 


Contentment i a matter of your heart not how much you own and how famous you are.  Yes, if you have money you can go buy more “stuff”, and appease your appetite for awhile, but look at  your heart?  Where is your heart?  Can you watch the world starve while you pay the prices you do for “whatever” knowing those around you have nothing?  Many can.  They never even consider what others don’t have.  


We find contentment, real contentment, when we keep our eyes on God.  God makes a way where there is no way.  This does not mean that we won’t go through stuff because we will.  You see when God looks at your heart He knows where  you need to change, what you need to do to get there and even though sometimes we must go through things…even the tough things…God is molding us in different areas to get us to a place/the place that He wants us at.  Each of our lives are different and each of  us had to learn different things, but God is just molding the impurities out of us and making us better.  You see His opinion is the one that matters.  How He sees us is what is important.  


Each of us is moldable on the Potter’s wheel.  Some are made into things used daily, some into like a fine china you only take out on special occasions, some are like a daily tea pot everyday you get up and use it, but some our like that special pot you save to use on a special day.


I’m not saying one is more important than another because to God we are all equal in His eyes.  He is not a respecter of persons.  He wants to shape us better, take out the junk in us, and then put us in the position to reach, teach, help those in life He has called us to reach.  It is not that the china tea-pot is better or the daily one worse…they are just used differently.  


Each of us has gifts to offer but we all have a lot of defects and it is those defects God is using to make us better.  They are not punishment people, they are the Potter’s wheel which smooths out the crud and holes and then makes us better.  God wants us better.  


You don’t need to compare yourself to anyone else.  We are not in competition with other people.  We are here on this earth to do God’s will, and please Him.  We can do it easily or do it the hard way, but we will all go onto the Potter’s wheel to get the impurities out!

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