Become a God Chaser

Become a God Chaser


If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”
2Chronicles 7:14


Is America humbling themselves?  Is America praying in unity?  Is America seeking God’s face? Is America turning away from their wicked ways?  If not then you won’t hear from heaven and your sins won’t be forgiven, and your land won’t be healed! Well if you want these things you need to become a GOD CHASER!


It is time that we all become God chasers.  We chase everything else out there and put God on the back burner.  Well turn off the back burner and seek God’s face.  What does it mean to seek God’s face and become a God chaser?


What is in a face? Look at the face of someone you love. You can see a lot when looking at a face.  Are they happy? Sad? Depressed? Lonely? Scared? Angry?  Well what do you see when you look into your spouses face?  Your kids? Your parents? Your friends?  You really can see a lot when you look at someone. You know them so you know by the look on their face if they are happy or grumpy.   When you are pursuing God you can look at God’s face and see His heart and His mind because His Word tells us how He feels about everything.   He gave us His Word so we could look at Him and know right from wrong, good from evil, and so we could spend time with Him in relationship.  Everyday we should be spending time with Him loving Him, worshiping Him, learning of Him, and having the most intimate relationship one can have.  He designed us that way.   


My question to you is why do you want to seek God?  Really!  What part of God do you seek?  Most people that are seeking God are seeking what God can do for them.  In fact, with many people it is more of a “give me, please, heal me, fix me, show me…do this for me”.  Now that is not a bad thing to talk to God about what you want and need in life and He loves you to talk to Him, but He wants a relationship with you as well…where you talk to Him, listen to Him, do His will, and spend quality time with Him.  God doesn’t want your leftovers. He does want to do for you and give His children things just like a parent wants to give their children things, but God wants so much more.  He wants a deep relationship with His children and He wants His children to love Him, honor Him, and do His will.  Sometimes, as our heavenly Father he says yes to things, sometimes no to things, wait, no way, and sometimes He has something way better for us if we just wait on Him to open and close the doors to get us to where He wants us to be.

Most of us never want to get out of our comfort zone.  It doesn’t feel good at all to step out in unknown waters.  We need to ask God what He wants for us and then follow whatever that might be.  Not because someone else thinks or says God wants something from us, but because God has let us know what He wants from us.  I’ve seen many people go without being sent and it usually flops.  Going to all the world is not everyone’s job, but doing something is everyone’s job. Your part of the world might be your neighborhood, where you work, even family and friends…you see God will place you wherever it is He wants you at and God might be sending you on that road and then all of a sudden send you somewhere else.   Just because someone else thinks that we are called to do something, use a specific talent, and believes we should go a certain way maybe because they did or that is their desire for us…that does not mean it is God’s desire for us.  Take a doctor, for instance…they want their child to become a doctor when they grow up, but maybe that child wants to be painter, writer etc.  They might even pressures us to do such and such but that does not mean that is what God is grooming us for.  Talk to God and listen to God.  God opens doors and God shuts doors. Our parents want the absolute best for us.  The thing is earthly parents can only see and go so far in knowing what we should be doing with our life.  God, on the other hand, knows everything, sees everything, and guides us down the right trail if we would but humble our self and listen to Him. We want an easy road in life but even walking through with God doesn’t mean that God won’t let us go through things.  In fact, we could go through a lot of different things to finish our course in life.

Sometimes I think about the rich young ruler who Jesus said to go and sell everything and come and follow him.  You see it was not just about the young man’s money but that he asked Jesus a question but was not willing to let go of the one thing in his life he loved more than he loved Jesus.  We don’t even know if they young man would have said okay to the answer of Jesus would Jesus have told Him I know your heart so don’t do that.  Maybe Jesus would have told the young man to use what he had for good and help others…we just don’t know.  What we do know is that the young man kept the commandments but he had a heart issue he was not willing to deal with because it would cost him something.  Yours heart issue might not be money at all and if it is not money that keeps you away then whatever it is it is what God will require you to give up ( or even be willing to give up) to follow Him and have a relationship with Him.

God has a lot of things to reveal to us if we will only pray, seek, listen, and ask His advice on things.  He wants a great relationship with us.  There are some people who think you have to give up everything to follow Jesus.  God doesn’t tell you to live on the street with no food or shelter (unless that is something you struggle with in some way or he wants to see what you will do under those circumstances for whatever reason He has).  Each of us is different and each of us holds onto something that keeps us away from that marvelous relationship with God.  What is more important to you than Jesus?

Very important is the fact that you need to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and repent of your sins.  We are not under the law since the cross but the laws show us what is right and wrong.  We can know what God thinks about something by reading His word.  If we are following Jesus and love Him then we will not steal, kill, lie, cheat etc.  We will want to do what pleases the Lord. You need to understand what sin is and what sins you have committed and repent of them and ask for God’s forgiveness.  If you won’t own up to your sins, won’t repent, and won’t change then you will never have that great relationship with the Lord.  It won’t happen.

Don’t think you can live proud either thinking you are better than someone else because pride comes before a fall.  We have to humble ourselves. We have to face the fact that everything we are and everything we have are because of Him. Everything!   In ourselves, we have nothing that is of any value. We have done nothing in ourselves that will withstand the test of time. We came into the world naked and we will go out of this world at a specified time and place.  You can be the richest person alive but you are no better than the poorest person…in God’s eyes.  What are you going to do with your wealth?  If you have a job…you are blessed.  Don’t hurt others to climb the ladder.  God will raise you up in His timing.  It is that way with everything.  You don’t need to hurt others to get ahead.  You don’t need to be jealous or want what other people have.  God is big enough for all of us.  God will spend the same amount of time with the poorest of the poor if they follow Him as He will the richest man on earth.

We are in a society that is self-oriented. Everyone just thinks about their own needs. Most people are not willing to help others because it doesn’t benefit them directly. They won’t do for others unless they will get something out of it, but God’s way is a lot different…we are to help others who don’t and can’t give back to us and do it with a good heart.  Prideful people won’t find God with that arrogance. We all have to find out what we do that is wicked in God’s eyes and remove that from our lives. We have to repent of those things that are a stench in His nostrils. We know what those things are. He tells us. Galatians 6:2-10 says,

“Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ. For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself. But let every man prove his own work, and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in another. For every man shall bear his own burden.”

No one can live our life for us, make the choices for eternal life for us, and no one can accept Jesus for us. 

“Let him that is taught in the word communicate unto him that teacheth in all good things. Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting. And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.”


Yes, we should always be doing good and not evil but also doing good especially unto them who are of the household of faith!

You can’t buy God’s love, and you can’t out give God.  God loves His children.  He draws up to Him, but we have the ability to accept or reject them.  God doesn’t need us….we need God. God existed way before we were and He will exist way after we are gone.  Where we end up for eternity is up to us.   If you want your life to be better….be a God chaser.  Just remember this: God didn’t promise you that you would make it through life with no heart aches or problems.  You will face them.  But it sure is a lot easier to get through them when we trust and love God and allow Him to walk through it with us.  We live in a fallen world and until His return we will be tried, tested, and tempted…and we can fall down many times over, but keep your eyes on Jesus, follow Him, trust Him, and depend on Him.  The journey might be hard but the finish line is heaven and it will be glorious.  The devil is a liar, cheat, deceiver, hater of mankind, and what he offers is ultimately hell.  It won’t be a party and you won’t have a good time.  God, on the other hand, is love, kindness, joy, peace, and eternal life.  It is so weird that the majority of people will follow the devil and live like the devil when God is right their offering you eternal life in a place so wonderful we can’t even imagine it…but He gave us free will so we will choose to follow God and if we say we will do it later…when does you life end?  You could walk out that door right now and die instantly and where would you end up?  Even by not making a conscious choice on who you will follow: you did make a choice.  Be a God chaser and do things God’s way and no matter what comes your way you will find God and have a relationship with Him.  He is the way!  Go down any other path and your destiny won’t be heaven.  Some people live a long time on this earth (but not compared to the beginning), but long just the same…but in God’s eyes it is not even a fleeting second.  We come to earth, we live, and we die.  What we do between is what God goes on.  When you read the word don’t read into it what you want it to say.  God says He will bless us in many ways but many of those have an “if” in them as the one at the beginning of this.  If you do something then God will do something.  If you won’t do that something then God won’t do His something.  There are, however, many promises and blessings out there that if Jesus is your Lord don’t have “ifs” in them.  You won’t know what God is saying if you don’t search it out for yourself.  Read the Word, pray, seek Him and you then will be known as a God Chaser!  (Funny thing is He won’t run from you: He will run to you!)   










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