Grief: Is it ever going to be okay

Grief: Is it Ever Going to Be Okay

To many of us losing one we love is like losing the reason to live, but really not completely. We might think, and even believe that, but in fact we want to go on…because we have an instinct to live. Now it is true that the relationship we had with the one we lost is over while we are on this earth. 

The relationships we have on this earth are great and that we know and understand because on this earth relationships are what we really exist for.  Money, fame, stuff…can give you temporary satisfaction but that won’t ever give you what your soul searches for. Being loved and needed by someone and sharing that love right back.

Losing a relationship to death of a loved one is like losing a piece of our very soul.  After all, you had a close relationship and then the relationship as we know it is over to something we have no control over.

There are loved ones that die horrific and unexpected deaths and we didn’t have any time to prepare our minds that they would be gone and we would never see them again while on this earth.  Sometimes we feel so lonely and overwhelmed we just don’t know how to act.  We define our life differently than we did while they were alive. 

To some they now go through life contemplating when they will die and how.  Each day is truly a new day.  Each day we get up we have a chance to do just even one thing that will make us feel a little differently.  Life can get better when we actually begin to change just one thing we do differently each day. 

I know it is hard to understand but helping others really does help you.  We can’t just prepare for bad in our life, but now begin to prepare for good to return and it is always good to help others.  Hold onto your hope.  Trust God and have faith.  If you give God everything each day then God will help you make it daily to the next day. 

Please don’t think I am saying not to grieve.  Grieve!!!  Grieve in the way that helps you the most.  Take one day at a time.  Cry, laugh, talk, don’t talk, do whatever it takes to make your life better.  If you are grieving or know someone who is right now…know this that they might be on total overload at the moment and it might take time to return to the living again. 

Grieving is a process but at some point we do go on and it will be okay.  Not in the sense that you have them back or anything, but that you just learn to go on.  Each day is another day to find out your life is worth living and when you do then you will find that other people do care and were there.  When we are hurting we don’t always see or feel needed and we don’t see where our life is going.  After all we have to go through so many things, arrangements, lawyers, banks, insurances, wills and so on.  We don’t always know where we will get money or how, and it can truly scare us. 

So today as you read this know that each day is only 24 hours long.  That is all you really can worry about. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is not promised to us.  So take it one day at a time and do whatever you must to make it through the day. If you need help seek it.  Seek a good Christian counselor, a doctor, a counselor…whatever it takes.  But never give up.  Your life will continue and getting help is a good thing if you need it.  Stand on Jesus at all times and He will help you get through your darkest hours.


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