All About OCD #1


This is my opinion on OCD.  Why write it? Because I have it and want to share my opinion.  Do not take it as medical information.  It is my opinion and how I have seen things over the years.  I am not a medical doctor so listen to your doctor!!!!

What is it?  It is a disorder and it has neurobiological basis.  It affects men and women pretty much equally.  It doesn’t play favorites regarding race either. 

Before we go further…I have it also so this subject is pretty close to me.  You probably know someone with it as well for it affects like one in forty adults and I have heard upwards of one in a hundred children as well.  Some don’t have it really bad (thank God for that), while others like me have it really strong.

What does OCD do to people?  Well first it is a compulsive obsession disorder that can cause great stress in one’s life.  It just hangs around and hangs around and many times gets worse with what seems like no reason.

As with many people like me I knew as a teen I had something but this was very long ago and I don’t even think there was a name for it at that time.  It was just a part of my life just like it is a part of many people’s life today….difference is they named this disorder and have found somethings to help. OCD has its ups and downs as well.  If one is more stressed, depressed, or in a crisis mode of some kind it can be a lot  worse.

To those who don’t have OCD, don’t know someone with OCD, or even understand it…it can seem like a laughing matter and people get made fun of all the time when they are struggling to deal with it on a daily basis. 


OCD makes for a not so normal life

To have this disorder (which can be severe at times and seems out of control) it is no laughing matter.  It never truly seems you have a normal life and it just never seems to end or let up for any time.  Some might think one strange that has it, but I can tell you first hand that if it was easy to make it “go away” believe me that I, and all the other people with it” surely would change it.

Being obsessive over dumb things gets to be a way of life no matter what we do to try to stop it.  Obsessing over things that are silly to anyone else can be gigantic to one with OCD. 

You have thoughts that just won’t go away and harp at your mind.  Silly to others…drastic to the one with OCD.  You have impulses that just downright interfere with your life.  People who don’t have it or have it…but not so bad…can filter through the thoughts and compulsions while us with severe OCD…must find ways to get around them.

Let’s say for a moment you have a compulsion of locking doors, checking them over and over and over and over again.  To others they check once, go to bed and sleep like a baby.  If you have this compulsion maybe you get up in the night and recheck it again a few times.  It is like you can never rest in your body because you worry about your safety. 

Security: What if you have security issues?  We live in a pretty evil world where people don’t seem to care who they hurt so if you have security issues…how overboard do you go to protect yourself and those you love?  How far do you go to feel safe in your own home?  Do others think that it is crazy what you do? 

What about germs?  How many times do you clean something even when everyone else thinks it is clean?  How many times do you wash something?  It really is a compulsion one wouldn’t wish on anyone. People with this compulsion will even avoid going places because of germs, getting sick, or whatever they feel is the problem.

Repetitive, repetitive, repetitive!!!

One feels compelled in some way to do something, perform something, act a certain way, have rituals that are crazy to even their family and they can’t seem to be able to do a thing about it. Now, you might very well think your loved one is just weird, but believe me if they could change this easily they would.

Okay…one can admit these things they do are irrational.  As I stated above OCD now has a name and there are a few meds that can help a bit…but if you are paranoid about meds, get sick when you take them, don’t want to live like a zombie, and don’t believe your government knows anything good…then most likely you won’t want to take them.  How many have taken some of these meds and felt now like a zombie OCD person? 

Disease or whatever

If one is sick they go to the doctor and hopefully get the help they need, but with OCD you go to the doctor and tell them you are like this and I have found over the years people want to call it all kinds of names and tell you are depressed.  That is not it!

Many suffer in silence

Many people will suffer in silence and just take the rudeness and jokes people make about them.  If only they could understand this is real and when people make fun of them it hurts greatly, at times.


As I said they have come along way and have some meds that might help somewhat…but do you want to be you or do you want to feel like you are just floating around in lala land?  However, they are coming along in help and hopefully will get better and better at helping people with OCD.

Obsessions are persistent.  Thoughts and impulses come and go. It is hard to act like other people do when it comes to your obsessions.  People just don’t get it.  They might feel bad for you having so many compulsions and that it affects you so badly, but deep down they wish you could just stop doing whatever “it” is.

While OCD has always been misunderstood…they are getting better at diagnosing it.  There is no blood test to tell them, But there are a lot of symptoms that you can research regarding OCD so that you can pretty much tell even before going to a doctor that you have it to some extent.

So lets get down to what other conditions that pretty much co-exist with OCD.  Now you or your loved one might not have OCD but can have one or many of these…or they could have these yet not have OCD. 

Listen: This list is by no means complete and yours might have different things that are listed here.  Don’t get upset over this list.  It is here to show you there are many areas where one can be a bit compulsive. 

Anxiety Disorders

Attention Deficit  ADHD

Autism Spectrum Disorders ASD

Avoid situations that might trigger your obsessions

Bipolar Disorders

Body Fluids

Buying disorders

Checking that you have not made a mistake

Cleaning household items or other objects excessively

Concern about evenness or exactness

Concern if you let people in your life that somehow they will hurt you

Concern of not getting into heaven

Concern that one might be unloved and have no one who really cares

Concern that one might get sick

Concern with a need to know or remember something

Concern you offend God in some way

Concern you won’t be forgiven


Counting while performing a task to end on a good, right or safe number in your opinion


Doing other things to prevent or remove contact with contaminants

Eating disorders

Environmental contaminants (asbestos/radiation are a couple)

Even when someone is a doctor…not all doctors know how to deal with different things of the mind.  If you don’t feel comfortable with one doctor…don’t not go…find one you can relate to and with.

Excessive concern with right, wrong, or morality issues

Excessive showering, bathing, tooth-brushing, or toilet routines

Excoriation skin picking disorder

Fear of acting an impulse that would in any way hurt another

Fear of acting on an impulse to harm oneself

Fear of being responsible for something terrible happening

Fear of blurting out obscenities or insults

Fear of doing, acting, saying things that embarrass you or someone else

Fear of hurting someone by not being careful enough

Fear of letting go of something that makes one feel comfortable like blankets, clothes, things

Fear of losing something

Fear of losing something

Fear of obsessing over what someone has that you don’t when you really are not jealous at all

Fear of stealing things

Fear of violent or horrific images in one’s mind


Hair pulling disorder


Having to buy something you don’t even want or need

Hording disorders

Household chemicals

Inability to decide whether to keep or discard something

Losing Control

Major Depressive disorders

Obsessions are thoughts, images, or impulses that come and just won’t go away.  One can realize they don’t make sense yet feel compelled to do them.  Having someone tell them to stop doesn’t make it go away.  In fact, it could make them feel even more compulsive. 

Praying to prevent harm

Putting things in order or arranging things in a certain way and getting upset when others don’t do it as well

Repeating and doing something a specific number of times or it doesn’t feel right

Repeating body movements, like tapping touching, blinking, singing, dumb talking, just acting silly when it is not really right to do so

Repeating routines activities like going in and out of your home, checking your mail over and over even if it would not be there for some time

Repetitive disorder (nail biting etc)

Rereading or rewriting things over and over

Some things that are common obsessions with people with OCD and be devastating to people.  Don’t’ get me wrong you might have one…or many, but the fear of them even when you don’t have them can cause you great fear with your OCD.

There are so many things that can actually be a part of how you feel about OCD…or they can be totally separate from OCD.  If you need a doctor……………………………………………GO!

Tic Disorders/Tourette Syndrome TS

Washing hands excessively or in a certain way

These, are by no means, all of the things or subjects that people with OCD might have or feel that they fear doing something.

I hope that this has not given anyone more stress.  It is just to show people that not everything is easy to just tell someone to knock it off.  No one wants to suffer and drive themselves to feeling bad and like something is wrong with them.  OCD is not evil or mean.  It is a disorder like any thing else.  It does affect us and we wish it didn’t. 

So again….I say…if you need help go to the doctor.  Find one that truly knows how to deal with OCD/disorder.  As I said at the beginning I am not a medical doctor and this is not medical information.  Maybe what it says will get you to go and get some help especially if you are having a difficult time.

I’ll put more soon on this subject.  I hope it helps you in some way.

God bless you my friend.






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