You Didn’t Get What you Deserve

You didn’t get what you deserve…so…..


The more you look up to God…the less likely you are to be looking down at people.  


Look around today at the world and how little most of the world cares about others.  Seems all they care about is themselves and what they can get.  Everyone does this to a point…let’s say….you want to provide for your family and we should want that, but at what cost?  Do we have to hurt others to get what we want in life?  The answer is no!  You see God can provide all you need and sometimes will allow even a lot more than you need but it is not because He loves you more than the next person, but what will you do with what you have? How will you handle what you have been blessed with?


Have you ever thought that someone got what they deserved?  Most people have thought or said this, but the fact is no one has got what they deserve because Jesus paid the price for us.  Since God is not a respecter of persons doesn’t matter how rich, poor, famous, whatever…you have not gotten what you deserve because all have sinned and the wages of sin is death.  But our Father in heaven sent His son to pay the price for our sins so we could be reconciled to Him. 


Why is it we even want to look down at others?  Don’t say you haven’t because everyone has at sometime…more so than not.  Does it make you feel better to think less of someone else or that you are more important than they are.  You see a homeless person sleeping under a bridge let’s say and you look down on them.  Why?  You don’t even know what happened to them or why they are that way (generally).  Someone cuts you off in traffic and you call them a few choice names but is it possible even that they saw something on the road and swerved out of the way to avoid something (is it possible)? 


The less time we spend with God the more time we seem to trash others.  There is a lot of evil in this world for sure, but not everyone and everything is evil.  We are not better than someone because of the color of our skin, where we live, what we do, the stuff we own.  


We might not like how people act and many might act horribly but the fact is God still loves them and doesn’t want them lost.  Maybe that person you don’t like or get along with is the very person you are to help along their journey.  Why? Because it is the right thing to do and because God loves you both.   


I have worked with some really raunchy people in the natural, ones that were just downright mean, angry, hateful, and would go out of their way to trash and hurt others, but the more I think about people, pray about people…what in the world made them like that.  I get letters from people al over the world and some of the things they have gone through in life pray you never have to face any of it because if you did it is quite possible you would be just like the people you trash and hate. 


We don’t know people’s hearts.  We don’t know what they have gone through, the things they have suffered, the things they have seen, how people have treated them, but we judge them. Granted there are many out there that no matter what we do they will still be mean, angry, and hateful, but if we don’t try something to help them then what?  No, we can’t help everyone, but we should be able to help and be kind to someone!!  


Today is good day to be nice to someone that really rubs you the wrong way.  Try it!  Do a good deed instead of a put down, pray a pray instead of cursing them under your breath.  As I have said I have heard from people all over this earth and we just truly do not know what is going on in people to make them act as they do.  


Loving others is not always easy because there are a lot of nasty, hateful people out there but God forgave and loved us and we sure didn’t deserve that either.  So today I encourage you to do, say, act on something that would bless someone else even if it is a person you truly can’t stand. They might not appreciate it, but plant a good seed…just maybe someone else will water it, and then at some point you might see the harvest. 


Live a life filled with love for others, following the example of Christ. Eph 5:2


(And while I am on this there is righteous anger.  There is speaking out against what is evil, and wrong in this world.  No, it is not nice to trash your leaders, but at the same time if your leaders lie constantly, want you to do and live ways that are not godly and right…follow God over them because it is God you will ultimately answer to.  If your leaders tell you to kill others (like Hitler did) will you stand up and say no even if it cost you your earthly life?  You see this life is a second on the big picture.  Do  you do evil, act evil, become evil to please ungodly leaders, or do you do as God says?   We all have that choice to make in this world.  Did  you know that not all followed Hitler…some rebelled no matter what it cost them because they were not going to do what the evil man told them.  It is sad when people will do wrong and claim they are to follow their leaders under any circumstance…it is not true.  You follow them if they are right and doing God’s will, but if it is against what God tells you to do and immoral, illegal, and wrong it is better to pay the price for not doing it than facing God for doing evil)  

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